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When His Eyes Opened tells the story of Avery Tate, a woman who is forced to marry Elliot Foster, the cruel billionaire CEO, only because her father declared bankruptcy. Elliot Foster was in a vegetative state when the two married.

He doesn't even recognize Avery the moment he regains consciousness. In addition, he attempts to kill his babies and forces Avery to prepare her divorce papers. He even goes further and orders his maid not to feed his soon-to-be ex-wife just because she uses his computer. She also puts Avery in her debt for lending a hand in her affair.

The author has managed to make my blood boil with rage while reading the chapters of When Her Eyes Opened. The billionaire Elliot's character in When His Eyes Opened sounds as toxic as a husband.

Part 1: Meet the characters in When His Eyes Opened.

Avery Tate

Avery Tate, the main female character in When His Eyes Opened, is a woman who was forced to marry billionaire Elliot Foster to save her father from bankruptcy. By all accounts, we know that Avery is a person who prioritizes her family.

As we read the chapters of When Her Eyes Were Opened, we realize that Avery is also a generous and caring woman who invests a lot of her energies into pleasing the people around her. Too bad the toxicity around her is so overwhelming that in the end she has to set her boundaries and save her twins.

Elliot Foster

If we think of a specific character in When Their Eyes Opened that, in my opinion, deserves a karate chop, that character would be the toxic jerk, Elliot Foster. The only thing that stands out about this man is the fact that he is a multi-millionaire and drinks $30,000 worth of wine.

His behaviors and attitudes, anyway, do not reflect his noble status. It should be enough for him to divorce Avery. However, in When His Eyes Open, Elliot also tries to kill Avery's twin sons and indebts her financially to him.

According to his maid, he is only nice when his mother is around. This makes me think this person is neat in her plays.

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Part 2: Story About When Their Eyes Were Opened

The story about When Their Eyes Opened begins by telling us a story about Avery Tate, an Avonsville woman who was still dating Cole Foster of the Foster family, the wealthiest family in Evansville.

Meanwhile, Rosalie Foster, Cole's mother, has set her up to marry Elliot, Cole's uncle, who is currently in a vegetative state due to a car accident. In addition, Cole himself has been cheating on her with other women.
However, the newlywed Avery soon notices her husband's looks of hatred, anger and disgust towards her as soon as Elliot opens his eyes.

Elliot not only proceeds to throw her out of the house and divorce her, but also does several nasty things that ruin Avery's life, to the point that Avery immediately wants to divorce Elliot in one of the chapters of When He Opened His Eyes. This cruel and ruthless husband also plans and threatens to kill her twins.

Part 3: Hot Chapters of When Her Eyes Open

When Her Eyes Open Chapter 10

When Their Eyes Open Chapter 10 tells us about another toxic characteristic Elliot has. Not only does this Avonsville billionaire not care about the feelings of people other than himself, but he also puts his (soon to be ex) wife in debt by charging her for a $30,000 bottle of wine.

He doesn't care about her ways of making her react physically and emotionally through that bottle of wine and his affairs.

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 23

Chapter 23 of When His Eyes Opened shows more details of Elliot's other attempt to kill Avery's baby. Firstly, he lights a cigarette after trapping Avery inside his car to a gynecological clinic for an abortion. Secondly, he sends his bodyguards there and spreads the lie that Avery is pregnant by Cole, her ex-boyfriend.

When Her Eyes Were Opened Chapter 366

As we progress through reading chapter 366 of When Her Eyes Were Opened, we learn that Avery has been conditioned by the horrible ways in which her husband treats her. Elliot locks Avery in a master bedroom full of muscular bodyguards, and only releases her when he feels the need to do so.

The children (Layla and Hayden) can only cry outside. Avery can only defend herself silently, such as by turning off the bedroom lights so Elliot can't see her. Luckily for poor Avery, some people in the story are supportive. For example, Mike says these things:

"I'll watch your mother's door! When Elliot comes out, I'll punch him in the face!".

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 403

Heartless husband Elliot opens the story in chapter 403 of When Her Eyes Were Opened by strangling Hayden's neck and decapitating his wife by hurting poor Avery's legs. Avery has to cough up blood to keep Elliot from physically hurting his son.

Later, it turns out that Mike was the one who caught Avery and directed Elliot to pick up the son in nasty ways. This chapter also tells us that Elliot had already used different ways to torture Avery's children, and Hayden's case in this chapter is just one of the cases.

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