How chemistry and physics created the perfect snack

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How chemistry and physics created the perfect snack. I've always wondered how to snap crackle pop gets its signature crackle, crunch, and pop. Can you tell me more about the chemistry and physics behind it?
Posted 01 Mar 2023

Nandroid says
The crunch, crackle, and pop in the snap crackle pop is the result of a chemical reaction between the rice and the milk. The heat of the milk breaks down the starch in the rice and releases steam. The steam creates small air pockets in the grits, which then collapse and make a popping sound when the grits are disturbed. This is actually a very complex process that involves both chemistry and physics. The sound of crackling, crunching, and popping is created by the release of carbon dioxide, which is produced when the starch in the rice breaks down. The sound is also influenced by the shape and texture of the cereal, as well as the viscosity of the milk
Posted 02 Mar 2023

lev says
Scientists experimented with different kinds of rice and milk to see how they affected crackling, crunching and popping. For example, they found that using low-fat milk could amplify the sound and skim milk could muffle it.
Posted 02 Mar 2023

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