How long does a YOOZ pod last?

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How long does a YOOZ pod last?
Generally speaking, a YOOZ pod can be smoked for two to three days, which is equivalent to two or three packs of cigarettes. A pod can smoke about 500-600 puffs, depending on the frequency and frequency of personal use!Get more news about oem yooz vape,you can vist our website!
The use time of YOOZ pod still depends on the consumer’s own usage. If you are a user who is just starting to use yooz vape, you can choose a refreshing tobacco flavor, which is quite different from traditional tobacco in terms of taste and sensory. The similarity, because you have just contacted, you will have a certain dependence on the original tobacco, so the use time of a pod will become very short, some people are a few weeks, some people even need a few days replace.
From the point of view of calculation, a YOOZ pod 2ml, normally about 300-500 mouths, is less than 3 packs of cigarettes when converted according to the standard of 12 mouths per cigarette.
The smoking frequency of a pod for 3 days is similar to that of a pack of cigarettes a day, and the usage range is not exceeded. The nicotine content of an ordinary cigarette is 1.5~3mg, one pack is about 30-60mg, and three packs are close to 90-180mg; 5% pod is 50mg, 2ml capacity contains 100mg nicotine, which is close to the intake value of cigarettes. Nicotine intake is not high.
But there are also users who have experienced it personally, maybe one pod in three days
I smoked YOOZ for three months, basically one pod every three days… But when I met my favorite flavors, such as grape, lychee, mint, maybe it was gone in two days… I used to smoke, at least one pack a day , Now a pod every two or three days.
Posted 06 Mar 2023

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