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Fubotv/connect mission is pretty straightforward: It's supposed to give us live TV channels, just like cable and satellite. fuboTV adds some value by letting us stream on different devices and by keeping its prices lower than cable (though fuboTV isn't exactly cheap). But little perks aren't the point of fuboTV — the point is the channels.
fuboTV - iOS TV Guide
fuboTV – iOS TV Guide
So which channels does fuboTV have?
A lot of them, as it turns out. fuboTV has really improved its channel selection since we last reviewed it. ESPN is available now, adding to an extremely impressive sports lineup that also includes FS1, NBCSN, and more. Depending on where you live, you may get access to certain regional sports networks. I tested this service in New York City, and I was able to watch MSG, MSG+, and SNY. (Let's go Mets!)
Sports aren't the only thing that fuboTV offers, but I was really impressed with the depth of the sports content. I expected channels like ESPN and FS1, but fuboTV also gave me niche channels that covered things like foreign soccer leagues, tennis, cycling, and more.
Fubo.tv/connect also has a fair number of news channels, including the ultra-popular Fox News. Testing the service, I also watched channels like AMC and HGTV.
By the way, fuboTV lands channels like these by cutting deals with the owners of those channels. This is pretty much how it works with cable and satellite, too: If a TV provider like fuboTV or Spectrum (also known for internet deals) has to come to an agreement with a company like Viacom or Turner in order to get that company's channels on the service. Sometimes, deals expire and channels disappear. When contract negotiations get nasty, you might see ads about them, asking you to get into the fight: “Call your provider and tell them to get our channel back!” (These fights are called “carriage disputes.”)
With skinny bundles, the tough contract to get is often the one with Viacom. Some of fuboTV's competitors are missing Viacom channels, but fuboTV has them: You can watch Viacom-owned networks like Comedy Central, MTV, and VH1 on fuboTV.
However, fuboTV does not have a deal in place with Turner right now. That means that Turner-owned networks are MIA: You can't watch CNN, TBS, TCM, or TNT on fuboTV. That may change in the future, of course, but you and I can't control that — it's up to Turner and fuboTV! For now, you’ll have to look at other streaming options for CNN and the rest.
Posted 17 Mar 2023

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