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Police State, Pakistan
on sunday a friend of mine came to see me, he needed help with his CV, in exchange he would give me the ristwaat of an ice cream sunday from pizza hut, but MAN IT WAS EMBARRISING

first off i tryed explaining the importance of the UN convention on the Rights of the child and European human rights within his format,

as i was saying this, i was trying to stab a cherry tomarto with my folk but it wouldent go, it was slippry with pasta sauce,

when i finally poked it i shouted "GOT YOU" at which point the waiters were looking at us too, i put it in my mouth and bit on it, as i bit on it, Tomarto juice came dribbling out my mouth

at which point my friend was looking at me like

then i shoved two bread sticks up my nose,

and we couldent stop giggling,

after we got given the ice cream sunday, you know the flakie chocolate tube, he said he dident want it, i said "dont worry i'll have your tube"


any of you girls ever do something so embarrising you couldent help but laugh

p.s i got my birthday gifts, earing, necklace, watch and braclet set, with perfumes and a web cam
Posted 26 Apr 2006

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