Features of JTCQ-D Roll automatic punching machine

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?JTCQ-D Roll automatic punching machine is a high-efficiency, labor-saving, and cost-saving new automation equipment produced by traditional sheet printing-roll-to-roll printing process according to market silk screen printing. It can be used in conjunction with automatic roll-to-roll screen printing machines, automatic cutting machines, automatic laminating machines, etc., which can save at least 2-3 manpower for the original production line. At the same time, because it can be used in conjunction with other equipment, it can not only help enterprises realize one-line production, but also facilitate the production line management of enterprises, and one person can take care of multiple pieces of equipment.
Features of JTCQ-D Roll automatic punching machine 
1. Equipment structure: double punch, can punch 2 holes at a time, double the efficiency.
2. Simple operation, CCD automatic positioning + secondary compensation, the product is in the processing area, and the material does not move or shift during the punching process, effectively ensuring punching accuracy.
3. Drilling precision is high! It adopts industrial computer control, CCD camera positioning, imported precision screw guide rail transmission, equipped with precision punching, and an imported cylinder to control punching. Ensure punching error: ±0.015mm.
4. The image algorithm has the function of predicting the center of the incomplete target shape and correcting the deviation, and the printed incomplete graphics can identify punching holes.
5. The working mechanism adopts a combination of mechanical and pneumatic, with stable performance and greatly improved punching force.
6. JTCQ-D Roll automatic punching machine Put the product to be punched within the visible range of the CCD, the punching machine will automatically capture the punching pattern, and automatically move the alignment to complete the punching, the whole process is about 0.5 seconds. Directly specify the hole pattern to be punched on the touch screen to set the working mode, and the operation is simple and easy to use.
7. Special alloy steel punching die, durable; high-speed steel punching needle, smooth punching.
8. Chinese operation interface, computer with touch screen, touch operation, practical and convenient.
9. The unique three-color lamp identification light source can effectively ensure that difficult-to-identify colors (such as white, silver, and others difficult-to-identify colors) can also be easily identified.
10. It can realize fully automatic single-side or multi-side punching at one time, and the head of the punching machine can move back and forth.
11. The combination of the JTCQ-D Roll automatic punching machine is simple, and enterprises can add automatic feeding and feeding systems, automatic laminating machines, and automatic cutting machines according to their own needs.
12. Flexible collocation, it can be used in conjunction with other automatic equipment, such as an automatic roll-to-roll screen printing machine, automatic feeding mechanism, and automatic slicer; at the same time, it can also punch holes for the positioning holes of sheet materials.
Posted 23 Mar 2023

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