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I think it's been done before, but a cursory search shows me that it's lost in the annals of time. Basically, this thread is like the "What are you listening to/reading right now?" threads in the Arts subforum, except it's for games (be it of the digital or analog (but not sporty) kind). I think it can double up as an "oh hey how's that game?" thread for games that don't have their own threads. Right now, I've got a copy of Tales of Vesperia I'm playing through. I've always liked the Tales series and saw that it was cheap. Aside from minor character annoyances, I'm enjoying it a lot. Also about to finish Fable 2, and maybe pick up 3. Dunno if I should go for American McGee's Alice + Madness returns first though. Did anyone play those yet?
Posted 24 Mar 2023

Nandroid says
After a long break, I decided to reminisce about a great game, GTA 5. It's probably one of my favorite games. I've always enjoyed both playing the storyline and going through the extra missions. But sometimes you just want to come up with your own storyline and it's sometimes even more interesting than any story mission, especially if you use kiddions mod menu. Just this game has found a second wind with the advent of the ability to play this game on the Internet. We often get together with friends and play it all together.
Posted 24 Mar 2023

Nekita says
In the last 6 months these are the games I have played that I can recommend:
Cyberpunk 2077 - PC version. I am not a fan of the management decisions, but the designers, artists, coders, producers, directors, writers and actors did a superb job.
Wartales (early access - recently updated) These devs listen to the player base. Last summer I presented them with multiple design documents to improve the player experience and they implemented all of them within the next two patches. They solicited the players input and I decided to test them on their intent. I was pleasantly surprised at their responsiveness.
Posted 24 Mar 2023

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