Genshin Impact’ Is Understanding It Gets Better The More It Gives Away For Free

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Genshin Impact’ Is Understanding It Gets Better The More It Gives Away For Free
I’ve been deep into Genshin Impact the past week or so, probably as much as I was since around launch. The new 1.2 Update added a large new zone, new quests and a new event that all have something in common.To get more news about recharge genshin impact, you can visit official website.
They’re free. Both in terms of actual money, as it doesn’t cost anything to run any of this new content. But also in terms of Resin, the game’s recharging energy system that only lets you do a handful of missions per day to claim rewards, unless you pay to recharge it.
This has not been the case with past events, as Genshin has run several that have asked players for Resin to participate in the main activity. But since Resin is shared across every activity in the game, spending it for a limited time activity means you cannot farm domains or bosses that you would normally.Now, it seems like Genshin Impact finally understands the more it lets players do, the more likely they are to stick around and yes, spend money in other ways.
For this current event quest, the Chalk Prince and the Dragon, there is a massive item shop that requires you to do three different non-Resin-based events, enemy encounters and a boss fight, in order to earn currency that you can spend to earn an absolutely huge pile of Mora, XP and materials, as well as rank 5 a rather fantastic 4 star sword. None of this costs money or Resin, meaning you can also continue to farm domains and bosses in addition to this event quest, the same way you normally would.
I think Genshin Impact has come to the obvious conclusion that fundamentally, with its gacha mechanics, it is going to make a ton of money no matter what. The only way to get powerful new heroes and weapons is to save up in-game currency (which takes eons) or to pay dozens, hundreds or even thousands of dollars on pulls, and that is not changing.
So, they might as well be as generous as they can with the rest of the game. More materials, more rewards, more reasons for players to log in and not just play for 15 minutes until they spend all their Resin. They have gotten a lot of this right from the start, as story quests are free and do not costs energy, and it’s why it was so easy to get hooked on Genshin to start with. But now they’re also realizing that event quests shouldn’t cost Resin either, and it’s okay to let them be super rewarding. Playing as much as I do (and spending as much as I have, I will admit), I have like, seven level 80 characters. Out of 20 characters I have total, most still at level 1. I am not going to run out of things to upgrade anytime soon even if Genshin hands me a bunch of Mora and ascension materials. And of course, you really can never keep up with the treadmill of constantly releasing new characters, either.
I think Genshin has found the groove that works for it with The Chalk Prince and the Dragon. Yes, in a perfect world, I would have just paid $60 up front for this game to eliminate all its gacha mechanics, but that was not going to happen, and will never happen. But there’s a way to make this all work in harmony, and the game seems like it may be approaching that point.
Posted 06 Apr 2023

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