Notice Articulating Video Borescope checking

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Notice Articulating Video Borescope checking
Articulating Video Borescopes are widely used in many areas, such as inspecting special equipment, aviation, pipelines, pressure vessels, automotive manufacturing, energy and other industrial fields. During an actual application, it will have to face a different test environment. Pay attention to When Using An Articulating Video Borescope?To get more news about video borescope, you can visit official website.
1) Prohibit the use of the Articulating Video Borescope to observe the body or body of an animal;

2) Do not use the Articulating Video Borescope to inspect working equipment.
3) Do not use or store the Articulating Video Borescope on an explosive and strong electromagnetic field or with combustible gas, otherwise, it could cause a fire or explosion;
4) Not to be used for checking current objects to avoid electric shock;
5) Do not watch the LED light source at the end of the lens directly, avoiding the effect of strong light on visual acuity;
6) Never over bend, stretch, twist, wrap the cable, otherwise it may cause a circuit breaker, fire or electrical shock;
7) If there is an anomaly in the angle adjustment, stop the current operation and shut down. Then contact the supplier;
Posted 25 Apr 2023

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