How do I raise my level?

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I'm sure every CS:GO beginner has wondered many times how they can level up. I don't know if the tips helped these players, but I decided to try to collect the most effective tips and try them out. So feel free to give me some advice. 
Posted 25 Apr 2023

Nandroid says
You can't become a cyber sports star overnight, and it takes a lot more effort to master the skills needed to go from beginner to expert level than just playing a couple of matches with friends. Most online shooters aim to simplify the gameplay. CS:GO, in turn, has achieved its success including the depth of gameplay and the importance of teamwork in achieving the goal. In CS:GO, each person on the team plays a different role, and there are exactly five of them. And everyone has to develop their skills. You can compare your stats with other professional players through and figure out what it is that you lack to become a true professional. 
Posted 25 Apr 2023

Zastavka says
In CS, like everywhere else, practice leads to excellence. To truly excel at CS:GO and feel like something more than free sniper food, you'll have to spend time practicing and building their routines. The training mode is unique to each player, but variety is an important aspect of becoming an experienced player.
Posted 25 Apr 2023

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