22KW CHINA CUMMINS 4B3.9G2 DIESEL 60HZ (prime 25 kva generator)

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22KW CHINA CUMMINS 4B3.9G2 DIESEL 60HZ (prime 25 kva generator)
The 25 kva generator sets are subjected to a comprehensive performance test which includes 50% load, 70% load, 100% load, 110% load and to check, verify that all control systems, alarm and shut-down protection.
Equipped with battery charger and 24V high performance maintenance-free lead-acid starting batteries and connecting cables.Get more news about cummins 25 kva generator price,you can vist our website!
Stainless galvanized zinc plates with strong corrosion-proof.
Vibration isolators between the engine/alternator and base frame.
Equipped with industrial silencer and flexible exhaust hose.
Designed to comply with ISO8528/GB2820.
Powered by Cummins engine and coupled with Stamford alternator.
Water jacket preheater, oil heater and double air cleaner, etc. are available.
DSE7320 is an advanced control module based on micro-processor, containing all necessary functions for protection of the genset and the breaker control. It can monitor the mains supply, breaker control and automatically start the engine when the mains are abnormal. Accurately measure various operational parameters and display all values and alarms information on the LCD. In addition, the control module can automatically shut down the engine and indicate the engine failure.
FDK silent 25 kva generator is designed by professional acoustic engineers based on years of experience. Now we can make the noise of the generator less than 80-85dB(A) at 1m, or 70-75dB(A) at 7m, 60-65dB(A) at 15m.
Multi-way air intake and exhaust guarantee the power performance of the generator.
Large-scale impedance combined type silencer effectively reduce noise of the generator.
Internal high performance rubber damper and flexible materials reduce vibration.
Base mounted fuel tank supports the generator running for 8 hours.
Posted 05 May 2023

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