Admire the series of photos of the last empress of the Qing dynasty

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Admire the series of photos of the last empress of the Qing dynasty
In feudal society, the emperor was always considered as the person who had power over ten thousand people. Therefore, the position of queen is also the position that all women all over the world dream of.To get more news about empress wanrong, you can visit shine news official website.
Because of that, many people automatically think that being a queen is to enjoy all the glory and riches. However, the truth is not so, especially with Empress Wanrong, the last empress of the Chinese feudal era.
It is known that Uyen Dung was born in 1906 and came from the noble family of Quach Bo La Thi. She is known to be both beautiful and intelligent and extremely knowledgeable.
Queen Uyen Dung is known as a beautiful and knowledgeable person
In 1922, Wanrong officially became the empress of the Qing dynasty after a lavish wedding with King Pu Yi. However, her affluent life as “mother of the world” lasted only until the monarchy was abolished in 1924, two years after she ascended the throne. After that, Uyen Dung and King Pho Nghi separated, she gradually slipped and fell into a tragic situation. Finally, the beautiful queen died alone in a prison before turning 40 years old.
After her death, many people still couldn’t help but regret seeing her beautiful photos in her youth. Many people think that, considering the beauty and charisma of Uyen Dung when she was young, it is really difficult for anyone to match her.
Posted 22 May 2023

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