3 Recent News Stories About Water Filter Innovations

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3 Recent News Stories About Water Filter Innovations
1. Entrepreneur helps provide clean water for those in need
This USC News article profiles Kevin Kassel, a senior at USC who started an organization called Club H2O to help provide water filters to developing countries. Now, Kassel is starting a company called Aqus, which aims to provide affordable, income-generating water filters for the developing world.Get more news about Best Price Water Filter Water Filter Element Production Equipment,you can vist our website!
2. Marines receive upgrade to personal water filters
This recent news post from the official website of the United States Marine Corps reveals that “the Marine Corps is investing in a next-generation water purification system that will allow individual Marines to get safe, drinkable water straight from the source.” The new system, called Individual Water Purification System Block II, or IWPS II for short, will enable Marines to purify fresh bodies of water on the go, enabling them to travel further on missions.
3. NSF certifies water filter pitcher that reduces arsenic
According to this press release from NSF International, an independent organization that certifies products for the water industry, they have just certified the first water filter pitcher that reduces arsenic v. The release notes that “according to the WHO, more than 200 million people worldwide might be chronically exposed to arsenic in drinking water.”
Massman Automation offers a wide range of filter assembly equipment from semi-automatic to fully automatic models. These systems utilize metal clips, hot melt adhesives, or ultrasonic welding as the method of connecting the filter media or equipment to completely assemble the entire filter cartridge, including the center tube, end caps, and housing.
The Massman WB-ACAM is a fully-automatic filter cartridge assembly machine that is direct fed from either a rotary or blade pleater. This machine forms the cylindrical filter shape, can insert an optional center tube, it seams the first and last end pleats, and funnels the filter down to its specified outside diameter. The machine includes an automatic reject, has HMI assisted servo controlled changeovers and it cycles at speeds up to 30 to 60ppm depending upon seaming method.
The Massman MCAM-1300 is a semi-automatic, manual load, pleated media first and the last pleat seaming machine. It seams cellulose, synthetic or wire back media slit widths up to 13-inches (330mm), pleat heights greater than 1.5-inches (38mm) upon request, and media thickness greater than 0.125-inches (3.2mm). This is PLC controlled with HMI interfaced servos for automatic changeover adjustments within 20-seconds. The cycle speed is operator-dependent up to 30ppm.
Posted 30 May 2023

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