Lifting or Lashing Hardware - Is There a Difference?

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Lifting or Lashing Hardware - Is There a Difference?
Lifting Hooks & Lifting hardware are effectively lifting chain components and can be used for both lifting & lashing operations. Lashing Hooks & Lashing Links are NOT lifting chain components so can only be used for lashing operations, they are NOT for lifting.Get more news about lashing chain seller,you can vist our website!
Lifting chain components or hardware, such as master links and component connectors, are pieces of equipment that are used to attach the load to lifting equipment, providing a link between the two. There are different rating standards used for lifting as opposed to lashing type operations, and so, any lifting operation undertaken MUST include hardware that is rated accordingly.
Lashing accessories or hardware are used for ‘non-lifting’ applications, such as load restraint. For example, tying/lashing down vehicles on the back of a truck where the characteristics and weight/strength capabilities of the strap are totally different to lifting.
The image above shows examples of hardware rated for lashing purposes. Lashing hardware will have, within it's stamped information, the letters LC followed by a number.
So, in a nutshell, if you have LC stamped on any of your webbing hardware, then it should NOT be used for any lifting operations.
Section B - this is the part of the label which is visible to the user. Section A - this part is sewn into the webbing strap itself.
Transport chain and accessories are high quality, durable rigging products that are perfect for lashing and tie-down applications and securing loads. Please note grade 70 chain is not suitable for lifting purposes. At All Lifting, our range of transport and lashing chain and accessories includes clevis grab hooks, slip hooks, lug links and more.
Posted 06 Jun 2023

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