How Much Capsaicin is Too Much?

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How Much Capsaicin is Too Much?
The majority of the heat from hot peppers comes from a plant compound called capsaicin. The most obvious indicator of capsaicin’s presence is the burning, tingling sensation it produces on your skin or tongue when you touch or eat hot peppers.Get more news about capsaicin powder factory,you can vist our website!
With a newly found interest (or often competition) by some people to test their limits to ramp up the heat, experts weigh in on if too much capsaicin is bad for you, and what to do when you eat too much spicy food.
Tip: While spicy food may hurt to eat, it’s generally safe to say it won’t kill you. Because the symptoms of eating too much spicy food are so uncomfortable — sweating, pain, vomiting, shaking — you will likely stop eating before you take in toxic levels.
Red hot chili peppers may be beneficial to your health in more ways than one. “The capsaicin in hot peppers provides a surprising number of health-promoting qualities, including antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and heart-protective properties,” Jackie Newgent, RDN, CDN, plant-forward culinary nutritionist and author of ?The Clean & Simple Diabetes Cookbook.
Increased Life Expectancy?
These health benefits of spicy foods could add years to your life. In a large population-based prospective study of 16,179 adults, researchers found an association with eating hot red chili peppers with a 12 percent reduced risk of death from all causes, per January 2017 research in ?PLOS One?.
Weight Management
Capsaicin may benefit your weight and diet quality, too. “While it doesn’t miraculously melt away body fat, capsaicin does seem to offer a bit of a benefit for weight management — it’s non-caloric, it may slightly boost metabolism and it may potentially curb your appetite. In cooking, capsaicin of peppers provides a pungent spiciness — which, in particular, can enhance the enjoyment of healthful food,” Newgent says.
How Much Capsaicin Is Too Much?
Capsaicin is not toxic and generally considered safe to use in the amounts common in food. Different chili peppers contain varying levels of capsaicin, as some hot peppers are spicier than others.
The hotter the pepper, the more capsaicin it has. Milder chili peppers, such as ancho chilies or mild jalapeños, will have less capsaicin and may be more readily tolerated.
Posted 06 Jun 2023

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