Free Online Books for Kids: Where to Find Them

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Free online books for kids can be found on numerous websites or mobile applications. These digital books offer the same quality and variety of traditional books, but without the requirement of a physical copy. These books can be accessed on any device, including tablets, smartphones, and computers.

Many websites offer free online books for kids in the public domain. Public domain books are those that have no copyright, meaning they can be accessed and used by anyone. These books usually include classics, such as Alice in Wonderland or Little Women.

There are also websites that offer free online kids books that are new releases or bestsellers. These websites often partner with publishers or authors to offer their books for free for a limited time. Some of these websites include Doraluna, BookBub, Amazon Kindle store, and Apple's iBookstore. They offer daily or weekly updates of free books, making it easier for parents to find new and exciting books for their children.

Other websites offer free online books for kids that are read-along stories. These stories feature text and audio narration, allowing children to listen to the story while reading it. Some of these websites include Doraluna, Storynory, Oxford Owl, and International Children's Digital Library.


Interactive books for kids, online libraries, and free online books for kids have revolutionized the way children read and learn new things. Interactive books for kids offer an immersive and interactive experience that can stimulate a child's imagination and improves their reading skills. Online libraries for kids provide easy access to thousands of books, which were once inaccessible to those who live in remote or underprivileged areas. Moreover, free online books for kids provide an excellent option to explore and discover new books without breaking the bank. These innovative solutions can inspire children to become lifelong readers and learners.

Posted 18 Jun 2023

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