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Pu was wearing only upper clothes... she was lying naked from below on the table... PU: I'm not satisfied yet... don't get angry! To expose all three, I immediately went to the chemistry class going on in the next room... and shouted - Sir and the student are having sex.
Many boys and teachers entered the room. He was fucking Piu with his head... probably was at the climax.. was about to ejaculate... then the watchman showered forceful blows on Sir's butts... Sir's cock came out..The head was surrounded by the staff, there was a lot of abuse... and there were punches and sticks on the head... he went out for the parade naked... it was worth seeing... Majnun head was beaten up... naked And black face! PU was about to run away naked but the boys surrounded her...
The boys took him to a corner by lifting his lap... PU: I didn't do anything! that Shreya says. Lots of love and greetings to the readers. I am Jai Kumar once again after a long time with a new story reality a truth. I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for the repeated emails received from you and for the encouragement you gave me. One day I got a call on my phone, a girl said - can I talk to Jai? I said no, there is no person named Jai living here, and the phone number is wrong. She started saying- My name is Pooja, this number of Jai was given by one of my friends, that's why I talked to you, I have a problem, Jai. Help me.
I said no, this is not Jai's number.
Saying this he disconnected the call.
In the evening I checked my mail and saw that someone had 4-5 emails, opened it, and saw that all had worshipped. I replied, only then the mail came along with it. I saw that his mail id was from Yahoo. I mailed Pooja - talk to me on Yahoo messenger if you're online.
After that,, I closed my Gmail ID, opened my Yahoo ID, and put Pooja's ID in chat only then came to know that Pooja is online.
Both of us started talking. Pooja asked about me and I took all the information about Pooja. After that,
I told Pooja to call on the same phone. After that, I closed my laptop. After 5-7 minutes, Pooja's phone rang. We both talked a lot.
I said to Pooja - I would like to meet you once before. Pooja started saying- Jai, whenever you want to meet, call me, I am ready to meet you wherever you say.
We decided to meet at India Gate.

After three days, we met at India Gate at 5.30 pm, both of them talked for a long time, when both of us agreed on everything, Pooja said- Jai, what I had heard about you was you. I liked it more than that. Just what to say Jai, just once let me keep my lips from your lips, Jai you are not a man but something else.

Posted 17 Jul 2023

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