all to my aroint thee

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Play in any company unit better male colleagues all will each other teases each other, the school is no exception, Su Bing Yun thinks that
they are taking their they and Liao to learn a soldier to play trick,
straight-tempered no longer response, in case their insatiably
greedy.Besides, this isn't a topic that makes people suffered, easily do
wish to think.
Everyone feels unimportant defect, remaining settles the identity that
the building battle wears a grade director, old soldier, clapped one
head that Liao learns a soldier of recording, pretended a Nu way:"Little
Liao is also not quick to send over there thing Aaron Judge Jersey, does teacher Su in the important person house run your in front in
The plain white cloth black word writes "my Su ice cloud", the old Liao
full belly hard water doesn't know to seek who get off the heart.Keeping
silent isn't so good, but wants to really shout at top of voice"all to
my aroint thee, this is to send to the ground of Li Xing Hua!"He can
really could not do this kind of stupid matter.
Su's ice cloud eyes remaining light brushes past, discover put a cake of
to pack elegant thing on his table, everyone at try very hard to
threaten, it is to play trick to seem to be different from, the heart
beginning doesn't fight to excel ground to wildly spring up.
Meanwhile, Liao's learning soldier's in the mind is madly also turning a
mind, the word on the plain white cloth writes very definitely,
everyone is staring at to join a crowd for fun, and words oneself who
don't send became a joke;Words of sending again refuse in case of Su ice
cloud, that oneself can jump down the third floors.
Su ice cloud affectation didn't hear the colleagues Rang Rang, the
alignment needed an interest class list ground teacher Yang, nervously
wonder:"Do I want to forgive him if he really has a sincerity?But he why
with Li Xing Hua together?"
Is absent-minded to pass list, talked several students whom has
development prospect, work orderly Su in normal times ice cloud
incredibly the foreword after doing not take the language again and
again come amiss, say into that student of the students of this class
and say oil painting into Chinese painting.Teacher Yang is puzzling,
also think that the Feng waits person to incite the words that Liao
learns a soldier to make her angry and says:"Teacher Su don't care,
teacher Jiang is so and not too and seriously Albert Pujols Jersey.This a few studentses can let their lesson remaining again loosen 1:00, the
appropriate decrease makes up missed lesson time and matches with your
Matter also finishes talking, slowly didn't see action, Su ice cloud
didn't dare and even didn't wish to see that direction one eye, the foot
is flighty to have no dint, come out office in quick time.
Liao learns a soldier to wish:"The with joint signatures word can also
write wrong, although is among the subconscious, this explains me to her
heart what once little lead penny?Calculate, jump the third floors to
jump the third floors, the last time, if there is still no result, I
have peace of mind to teach, the duty is a person."Follow to rush out in
the vision bottom of public expectation, loudly call a way:"Teacher Su
please wait a minute!"
Jiang Feng says:"Old remaining, wager?"The wager is certainly Liao to
learn a soldier successful probability, in many colleagues eyes, hope to
be completely at sea.
"Wager how?"
"Teacher Su accepts little Liao's gift and calculates you to win, I
invite present owner to sing to drink to the jade Yu Qiong building.The
words that don't accept, I win, you help us the class the program
arrangement that work well New Year evening party Alex Bregman Jersey.""Dream, so wager I can't win forever."Who also be not optimistic about
old Liao of wretchedness.
On the hallway, Liao learns a soldier to see the height that the third
floors are apart from a ground first, then block Su ice cloud.Need not
specially copy Xu, he the facial expression at the moment than Yang Guo
deep feeling a hundredfold, than Guo Jing honest and sincere sincerity,
than Xiao Feng still righteously, only still agree but don't give up
than the uncle of farmland, don't hurt to return tender feelings than
the east water.
Posted 23 Jul 2023

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