with me the aunt's background

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Four eyes ashamedly looking at everyone and say:"I just saw you win coupon's in control, everyone so supports you, can't care me, either a
small ballot, hence I ……"
"That you can not throw, either to the other people!"
"I ……in fact I have been really liking that Su flies Hong
classmate."Four eyes speak the secret of hiding in mind several years
very in whisper.
The Cui government no longer talks and secretly sighs and really runs
into bad luck Christian Yelich Jersey, the life way is many Chuans, alas!Just, just!If Anne purely and purely
wants to do what, perhaps I will also similar to four eyes do regardless
of personal safety to help.
"Okay, Su flies Hong classmate and sees to the classmates all choose
you, never be ungrateful to everyone's expectation to you.Please come up
to in brief speak a few lines now."
Finally the dust falls to settle, two years two classes of new leader of
classes are Su to fly Hong.
Releasing from school is again a weekend.
The Mu permits blue fall heel at old Liao bottom the behind walk toward
the doorway to, "teacher, you can say with me the aunt's background, I
can to don't she understand at all."
"She?Nothing important background, be study abroad, the graduation came
back."Old Liao describes with a delicate touch process.
"She why so rich, but are you so poor?"The Mu permits blue fall of is a
previously and old Liao together and live apartment ground for time.
"E.Want to be provided for her to go to school, so I all sent money that
the work Zheng arrive to her."
"The work Zheng arrives of how much can money have?"The Mu permits blue
fall to dismantle hairpin, shows hair to spread to spread to open, pass
his in front:"Su flies Hong to say that this hairpin is worth 1,000,000
many, is what aunt sends to me Clayton Kershaw Jersey."Old Liao touches her head:"Pretty go together with yours, put on."Heart
in but upsurge a far from good felling:"Old boy not knows to is to sell a
drug or a smuggle ammunition, unexpectedly earn to arrive so much
money, mama of, Lao Tze also not can keep on being compared by him."
The circumferential student suddenly has a burst of disturbance at this
time, three years a class of ground He Xin's left hand is a digital
camera.The right hand is two cellular phones, the armpit clips a
notebook and hangs big capacity USB flash drive on the neck, rushes out
crowd and loudly calls a way:"The belle came again, everyone saw
".Teacher Liao also at, he didn't take sweet potato today.Being organic
can take advantage o."He Xin's classmate bear dollar whole sharp-eyedses
discovered that Liao learns a soldier.
"Walk, go first to buy sweet potato to say again.The outside has old
woman usually the doorway calls to sell at the school of, however have
seemed since yesterday to rise in price, supply falls short of demand,
five the dollars are 1 catty."
"Is so expensive?She is still not equal to to rob!"
"You still dislike expensive.Late order and then can not buy again."
Old Liao is a bit puzzling:"What sweet potato not sweet potato of,
however they so on shouting, affirmation was your aunt to come to pick
us up."
The Mu permits blue fell to think a to want and ask:"Teacher, is the
aunt your close younger sister?"
"Certainly was a close younger sister, she was what I looking at to grow
"That good."The Mu permits blue fall to smile very sweetly, see them so
intimate.Really fear the teacher keeps a little lover back to cheat
himself/herself in the outside pack, now personally acknowledgement, let
go of a half on the whole worry.
Liao You Ning ground blue Bo radicle Ni sports car's stopping Lin Yin
Dao in the doorway at the school haven't ordered bright street lamp
under.The car one outside ten meters is black to press a ground of
person's head, not descend 110th, boy, the flash light often
shines.Discuss in succession in crowd.
Say with detail a head to push at Lin Yin the cart sell to roast sweet
potato of the old woman be equally also surrounded by a group of
persons, the sale circumstance is fierce to arrive extremity.In less
than 35 minutes.A big car sweet potato rushes to buy an empty, even have
very naughtily too anxious, take run, money also not give.
Finally there was a courage to walk up than the bigger boy, Liao learned
a soldier to recognize those are three years six classes of of sting
head square male, against a teacher at ordinary times, write love letter
for female kid, cheat in an examination Cody Bellinger Jersey, the star often has his share every Monday, the sky is fearlessly not
afraid.At this time incredibly the legs shiver, jittery, the facial
expression is devout to compare to pilgrimage ground follower.
Walk to the car side, want to knock window but again not to dare,
repeatedly raise a hand and kept on putting.If in the peacetime,
surroundings of boy early loudly create a big noise, what dirty speech
Hui the language all come out, unexpectedly utter silence at the moment,
the everyone holds breath quiet annoy, the car Central America female
magic greatly arrives to what extent be imaginable.
Posted 25 Jul 2023

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