Here’s How to Fix QuickBooks Registration Error

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Are you irked by the repeated occurrence ofthe Registration errors in QuickBooks and are unable to proceed with the
registration process? This error can be attributed to a wide range of causes,
and to get those causes fixed, the user should have technical stronghold over
different functionalities of the system.
However, you don’t need to fret as thisarticle contains a lucid walkthrough, following which you shall be easily able
to embark on the registration process without coming across QuickBooksDesktop Registration error. Thus, keep read on!
Some of the noteworthy causes of QuickBooks RegistrationerrorThe QuickBooks activation, license, andproduct numbers issue can be made worse by a number of things. Among theseare the following:
•       QuickBooks Registration Errorcould be caused by a poor internet connection. .
•       Wrong settings in the Windowsfirewall could also trigger this error.
•       Providing wrong product andlicense numbers.
•       Using an out to date version ofQuickBooks.
•       Error or corruption in theMSXML files, or other Windows components.
•       Wrong date and time on thecomputer.
Important PointersBefore embarking on the process of troubleshootingQuickBooks Registration Error, certain prerequisites need to be adhered to.These are:
•          Providing the correct productand license keys.
•          Close all other programs in thebackground.
•          Make any required correctionsin the system date and time.
•          Login QuickBooks as anadministrator when registering the product.
Potential fixes for QuickBooks Registration ErrorFollow the below given methods in order torectify the ongoing error:
Fix 1: DisableAntivirus temporarily •          To start, move the mousepointer to the bottom right area of the taskbar and right-click the antivirus
•          After that, choose the choiceto temporarily turn off the antivirus until the next time you restart.
•          Now, try to get the QuickBookssoftware registered again.
•          If the registration error inQuickBooks desktop still shows up, you should still turn off your antivirus
while you try the next troubleshooting steps.
Fix 2: AssigningAdministrative privileges to the User•          You first need to click on theWindows Start menu.
•          Soon after, hit on the ControlPanel.
•          Subsequent to that, advance tothe Accounts tab.
•          Now, go to the Family and OtherUsers tab in the Accounts tab.
•          After that, choose the user youwish to grant the administrative rights to.
•          The next step is to tap on theChange Account Type option and then choose Administrator from the Account Type
•          Now, click on Change AccountType, and then sign in to Windows again.
•          The next step is to opt for theoption to Change the Account Type.
•          After granting the useradministrative rights restart QuickBooks and try registering again.
Fix 3: RegisteringMSXML Files•          First, press the Window and Rkeys together to reveal the Run box.
•          In the Run box, type "cmd"and then press the Enter key.
•          In the Command Prompt, youshould type "cd windows syswow64" and hit the Enterkey.
•          Also, type "regsvr32MSXML4.dll" and then hit the Enter key.
•          Follow up by typing "regsvr32MSXML6.dll" and press Enter key.
•          Lastly, try registering yourQuickBooks Desktop software again and check if QB Registration Error still occurs.
Fix 4: Use theQuick Fix my Program tool•          Initially, download QuickBooks Tool Hubfrom the Intuit website.
•          After you've downloaded theTool hub, install it by double-tapping on the downloaded.exe file and then
following the on-screen directions.
•          Then, open the Tool Hub programand go to Program Problems.
•          Now, advance to the Quick Fixmy Program tab and allow the tool to proceed with the scan.
•  ��       When the process is done,restart QuickBooks Desktop and try the registration process again.
Fix 5: Correct timeand date on the system•          Check the time and date on thesystem. If the time and date on the computer are wrong, right-click on the time
and after that, hit on Adjust date/time option.

•          Then, opt for the correct timezone and change the time and date.
•          Finally, click on Apply, andthen Ok tab.
•          Now, restart QuickBooks and tryagain to register the product. This should effectively fix Registration Error.
Summing Up!This precise discussion should contributeto the fixation of QuickBooks Registration Error. Hopefully, you shouldbe able to register QuickBooks without any hindrance this time around. If you
are still marred by technical issues, just give our certified QuickBooks errorsupport experts a call at the helpline i.e., 1-800-615-2347.

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