you are my pride

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"If I don't grow up at once again, how entitle to become Liao to learn a soldier ground woman?"Shell Xiao Dan lightly on smiling, many in the
look in the eyes the determination and braveness had no by 16-year-old
girl.This period of time home ground sharply the variety made her more
mature than past a lot of.
Liao learned a soldier to start to grasp her hand to kiss for a while
and said:"Dan Dan, you are my pride."
The shell Xiao Dan forepaw just walked and followed and came to a red
Porche Don Mattingly Jersey, it made people expect already a long time heavy star Mu to permit ice
rain to finally throw down to in hand work, let all public notices, all
press conferences, all news conferences, all business enterprise New
Year evening parties depended a side station.
Avert from a doorstepping journalist to track all the way, tender heart
no time for waiting, Liao learns a soldier ground younger sister
actually is who, why does he have never once said to me before?Also have
what artificial he leads birthday?
The girl friend of this elder brother personally acknowledgement, the
Liao You Ning is most concern, rounded a furry sable neckpiece on the
neck, early and early stood on the doorway to await arrival.The weather
very Yin, look to soon snowing.
6:00 doesn't arrive, the sky has already completely become black, from
iron gate to front door, become the green tree of row to tie up to round
a colourful light, keep gleaming.The swimming pool that fog spirit
fills the air side, the Ran has a red candle on the band each the
musical score of one personal in front, at utter darkness ground corner
Yuan if bright stars.The piano Xian is one Zhan, ring out floating
Don't know Liao the You Ning bought again what equipments, the place
around has been paring off genial breezes and maintains above 22 degrees
of temperatures, even if the light wears the arm can't feel too cold,
Although is only several empty personal, long table of have already
spread flourishing food, this is the Si to mix Liao to learn teacher
Bing for 28 years lifetime the most solemn and impressive birthday.
Porche just a stop steady, have already waited for many ground the
bellboy was small to run but up, draw back a car door by the most humble
Is black brightly the high-heeled shoes step, the shoe top may may cover
up a toe, tiny concealed on the instep now a few radiant and extremely
keen blue veins, then is a purple bright purple bright silk quality long
skirt, a young and delicate and pure white palm takes bus door Enrique Hernandez Jersey.The candle of swimming pool side suddenly dims down, is because the Mu
permits the facial expression of ice rain brighter than them.
The show delivers jet black deeply bright, the brain tied a horsetail
with the pink silk ribbon behind, the face specially made up and let her
was more gorgeous to have no.The Liao You Ning sees arrive a so
beautiful woman for the first time in all my life-she is similar to the
elder brother, all feel own outward appearance not that outstanding,
both the brother and sister temperament almost nothing important
"The Mu permits a young lady how are you, I am the younger sister whom
Liao learns a soldier, the person who made a phone call to you yesterday
is me."The of course not can keep on being compared by her, the Liao
You Ning keeps most the rite of the fair lady, and the qualities Yong
permits and stretches out a hand at present.
"How are you, Ms. Liao, very happy see you."The Mu permits ice rain
foolish live, have never once thought one face decadent, slovenly and
untidy Liao learns unexpectedly like this beautiful younger sister of
soldier, the margin is really enough heavy Fernando Tatis Jr. Jersey.Liao learns soldier's left hand to lift a bottle of Pa diagram Si red
wine, Diao in the mouth is a Havana cigar, interest blunt blunt run to
come over, push to open Liao You Ning, smiling all over, say:"Ice rain,
the sky is so cold how you return, in case of froze to break down how
do?Ah, also wear so little, can be really impending, I touch for you and
rub to keep warm.You You, you return Leng why, there that roast
suckling pig slice a for me leg to come out and want to eat under etc.
The Mu permits ice rain to see a lover, joy in heart from don't need
speech, say with smile:"I just thinking say conversation with Ms.
Liao.Liao learns a soldier, today is your birthday, don't know to buy
what gift, I know that you like to smoke most , but smoke cigarette
harmful health, so is absolutely can not send to yours.I chose another
one thing."
Liao learns a soldier to open a gift box:"The razor of platinum gold
shelf?Do you incredibly want the sexy beard residue that I shave to take
it as an honour?"
Su flies Hong to anxiously see watch and soliloquizes a way:"The
masquerade ball has already soon started, how to haven't come yet
teacher Liao?Doing not see person all day long is really irresponsible
Posted 28 Jul 2023

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