outside the restaurant drink hot coffee

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the big conventional center being on the fifth floor carries on assigning work, is flown Hong predominance conductor by Su.Although the
Cui government superficially disdains to a to attend to,four eyes after
taking out design a project still keep disliking before abandonning and
intend and give deadly blow towards wearing gulf and Chiu big strange.
Su's flying Hong to pour is a big woman to can bend and unbend, then
sometimes some demand boy's matches can complete of work, the then soft
language mutually begs, leaf jade tiger also ashamed brush-off.Receiving
the soldier is more aggressive Fernando Valenzuela Jersey, run up to run bottom, exert heel in Fan Xue Ying's bottom behind turn
leisurely.Four insides outside isn't a person, grew a trivial your
looks, faced beautiful Su to fly Hong ashamed of own unseemliness don't
dare to say what rubbish, and then encounter an abandonning of Cui
government, once the design project throw and run from to outside the
restaurant drink hot coffee, a person sinks to immerse at fall low of
among the unrequited love emotion.Past didn't to while showing to like
thought, anyone with public toghter flew Hong to create a big noise to
Su don't feel what, but have already felt to is very embarrassed now.
Liao learned a soldier to finally still make some meanses, Su flies Hong
to go to a logistic department and receives color flag, balloon, lamp,
cloth, hang materials like painting,etc and tool don't be subjected to
what make difficulties for.
The tulip senior high school that will soon step into New Year one
regiment pleased spirit, the hallway of the fifth floors has already
come together many classmates.
There are a lot of activities at arrangement in the school, go to the
movie, the dinner party, cocktail party, dancing party and verse read
aloud a meeting, the basketball game, art exhibition and ice vulture
exhibition, skate...etc., all of otherwise more than 1,000 teachers and
students flow out into dancing party the spot, is pack not
descend.Everyone is each to spend this wonderful night in each place
with own interest.
The last day in 2007 don't know to urge to born how much lovers.
"Bottom, snowing!"Su flies a Hong surprise the ground call way,
stretches out hallway to outside touch to touch the one slices snowflake
that floats to fall, " snowings this year can really early."
The snowflake falls on the roof, ground, tree branch and car Francisco Lindor Jersey, more snow big more, an expanse of white one, the surroundings silver
pack a vegetable to bind, is very good-looking.See Cui government and Wu
Chun Xing lead long to begin to shout to leap to come downstairs steps
and see the appearance want heap snow man, can not help with no reason a
burst of envy:If also a male kid accompanies me to spend tonight
together, that should be much good.
It appear that in love with season.
Leaf the jade tiger is busy in giving the shell Xiao the Dan to make a
phone call, but old dozen impassability, frustratedly is on the ground
the cellular phone Guan.
The clock Bai in front came together more than ten classmates and
listenned to him reading aloud verse:"Dedicate to my most affectionate
D, winter wreak havoc in this north wind, the snowflake orders some D to
put on the skirt that teacher Liao buys, is showing to the girl friend.
", Really snowinged, clock Bai, your daddy is a meteorological station
of?"Many people are embracing to see the mindset of monkey show to
listen to he read aloud, so don't read Dao half sentence, already
someone interrupts Freddie Freeman Jersey."Oh!No wonder that my heart is so cold!Is so standing alone!"The clock
Bai reads a way and raises head and looks, the classmates have already
rushed toward the down stairs bottom, Li Yan Bian walks side to say:"The
bedlamite year by year has, specially many this year, I see a clock 101
settle is the illegitimate child who wears gulf."
This is a teachers and the students' general assembly field that is good
enough to accept whole school, certainly mean that the students line up
into brigade row station like but speech, be like to like this and
around put table wooden bench, decorate various product, in the center
stay a vacant land makes into dance floor, the head still has music band
and idle piano, interpersonal have to also stay a position, can permit
the next 1200 people BE.
Hall Gao Liu Mi, there are four posts being used as to prop up.Two years
two classes of classmates pass greater half for sky of toil.Pinning up
is red and bluely cloth, color flag and greenly plastics leaf, have a
cartoon style very much, nursery tale color.
Posted 28 Jul 2023

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