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Have already taken off mask ground at this time Chiu Be big strange to outside walk into from the door, see everyone round in the dance floor
in the center, the favour asks:"How?Occupy occurrence?"Words just
finished saying, don't know who pushed him for a while, the body wasn't
stumbled to rush out several steps forward by F, most marvellous of BE,
the foot didn't know when many a piece of skateboard.
The ground is original enough slippery Hank Aaron Jersey, Chiu is hurriedly big strange in too late respond, can not be
independent action, the promise the earth body slipped 56 meters
distance, incredibly can also hold the balance don't fall down, finally
control don't live, fly forward.
"Hua!"The crowd seems to be in advance to invite good, walk at him a
moment of hall, have already automatically divided a road, imitate a
Buddha to match with his headway.The body has no bar, the path keeps
rushing toward to wear in the gulf body.
Wear gulf to be subjected to heavy pressure, almost chase overnight rice
jet, the 2 people arms and legs wrings to tie up, the posture wants to
be many ambiguity have much ambiguous, like bed touching husband and
Their warm degree, compare to after being dated every 16 years again the
concussion seeing little Long Nyu is urgent, and then seem the life and
death of right bower Titanic and Luo silk to entwine.
Chiu two big strange palms at the right moment held tight to draw two
chests of circles, most important of BE, lie prone in wearing a gulf
body, face face against face, the body gets a body, four slices of lips
connect to touch and unexpectedly come to a century, and it kisses.
All all over the place is the voice of ground glasses crack, the
everyone pours to take out cool spirit, fierce row ten words in the
Wearing gulf to wear a mask isn't so bad, can not tell what facial
expression, Chiu is big strange can even commit suicide of the hearts
all had, a bone Lu started to climb and acted easy style of writing and
nowise dragged along Ta, fast such as for an instant namely die of
lightning flash, beautiful lightly moving dance of swan, almost from
wear the belly of gulf to start to play generally, supplely stand on the
ground, the face covered one regiment black spirit Harrison Bader Jersey.Everyone can not help emitting a mind with absurd:With the action
carriage that Chiu is big strange to lightly work properly, if star
«swan lake » , cause a sensation in the world from the not in context of
present discussion.
" What matter?"It be rounded a view student Zu to live the president's
station of view to start to ask a way.
Allow iron Lin Shuo:"I guess to probably is to wear a teacher to dance
to jump very goodly, but Chiu's director obstructed them, after all,
wear into that appearance and student heat dance to finally corrupt
influence on morals.The masquerade ball is a quite good idea, but have
to draw up some rules."Not the Kui is the member of board of directors,
stem what can associate the management layer of school.
The Chiu big strange growl once covers «blue Danube » :"Who get hold of
the hall to the skateboard of?Is a sacred masquerade ball, not the drill
ground that you think how to have fun and then how play here!"Want to
order a severals at ordinary times the very naughty student's name, but
discover that the everyones all put on a mask, cent not who is who,
malicious wiped to wipe lips, Wu from pant noisily.
Don't know to have who soft-voiced way:"Somebody else's wearing what
teacher's marriage proposal advertise for is a woman, you have no a
matter to gather together what noisy?"
The Chiu big strange blush with shame must is like a monkey bottom, but
represses not to live a fury any further:"Who?BE who talk?Do you want to
go to drill ground and hang brand to make stand as punishment?"
Hide in the jade tiger of leaf in the person's heap and originally want
to play so Xun to lead a director also even if, don't expect him thus
overbearing, thoroughly drive that the haughty air attitude
incensed.Silently find out to close Mu cloud several amount of company Jackie Robinson Jersey.Wear a full head of gulf fog water, still don't peg out exactly
occurrence what affair, tightly hold tight a grass skirt to say:"Chiu's
director.Do you why and suddenly jump to embrace me?"
"You think that I would like to embrace you!"Chiu is big strange to
looking at him those two slices of lips of fatty Dus Du, the tooth sews
an inside to still have the one vegetables the leaf, unspeakable dirtily
disgusted, finish to completely and all sink into to suddenly and
violently walk status, " doesn't know which uncultivated student pushed
me for a while!The masquerade ball that carries so much, you wear so, I
even see all don't want to see one more eye.He mama's ground, Lao Tze is
sick.Will embrace you?"
Posted 29 Jul 2023

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