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Rajveer- Then let's decide who will now go to whose room and expose whose pussy! Rajveer- Neil, you were with Seema in the night. So you haven't got a new pussy to fuck. That's why you can now fulfill your heart's desire. That means you can enjoy the Mallika Reena of your dreams. Neil - what's the matter! Rajveer really??
Raj- Yes. Rajveer- Shlok You have played Vikram's Veena in the night. Now you have to go to Rakul. I had a good fuck of Rakul in the night, yet she was desperate to recover my money. She will bear you. Verse- Ok Jiju. Rajveer- Ranveer, my dear friend. Your wife Priya alias Ileana has been fucked by Vikram. Now is the chance to go and take revenge. You hit Vikram's wife Veena's pussy. Being a neighbor, you will get along well. Rajveer (to Vikram) – Vikram! As it is your dream to hit wife Seema like Shlok's Kriti Sanon, then go take your bet. I will refresh the memories of my first Yaarana by going to Ileana i.e. Ranveer's wife Priya. Friends of my Yarana, go and complete the second phase of this Maha Yarana. And of course, in the morning you can tell your friends that we are five couples gathered here to enjoy the swap. Shloka- And yes, have to assemble for breakfast at 9 am, no matter how tired you are. Everyone got excited and went to the changed rooms. So friends, after deciding this, we changed our rooms. By keeping the room completely dark, foreplay with his changed wives in the dark and woke them up from their sleep. Prepared her pussy for fucking. By inserting his own cock inside her pussy, he surprised her by turning on the light near the bed. Whose reaction was on this, you will try to understand from their further conversation. As per the pre-arranged schedule, we were to assemble at the hotel restaurant at 9 am for breakfast. Although ten of us could sit together I made sure that five of us men would sit separately and five women would sit separately.

Posted 31 Jul 2023

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