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I'm in need of temporary phone numbers for online verifications, but I'm not sure how to choose the most suitable plan. Can someone share some tips on what factors to consider when selecting a plan for temporary phone numbers? I'd like to understand how pricing, rental duration, and available features play a role in making the right choice.
Posted 01 Aug 2023

Garden says
When choosing the most suitable plan for temporary phone numbers, there are a some key factors to consider. Foremost, pricing is essential. Compare the prices offered by different service providers for single-use numbers and long-term rental options. Some platforms may offer bulk discounts, so keep an eye out for cost-effective deals. Next, consider the rental duration that fits your needs. If you require temporary phone numbers for a short period, opt for plans with lower validity, while for more extended verifications, monthly rental plans might be better.
Posted 01 Aug 2023

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