How to Change Proxy Settings in Chrome

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You can change Chrome's proxy settings by accessing the settings menu. This menu opens the operating system's proxy configuration tool. You can also use a proxy plugin like FoxyProxy to create a Chrome-specific proxy connection. This can be especially useful if you need to access certain websites or content that is restricted in your region.
Another option to change your Chrome proxy settings is to use your personal VPN provider's browser plugin, such as /SurfShark. With our VPN browser plugin, you can easily change your proxy settings in Chrome and enjoy the benefits of a private and secure browsing experience.
A proxy, short for proxy server, is a special computer that acts as a bridge between end-user devices and the open Internet. This intermediary is not essential for web surfing, but has the advantage of directing traffic to one.
A proxy is a great place to hide your Internet Protocol (IP) address.
A public IP is a number assigned by your ISP to the deployment of devices in an area. Conversely, a private IP is a number that your router automatically assigns to individual devices on your local network.
Posted 04 Aug 2023

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