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So let's start the desi honeymoon sex story now.After the brother's marriage, the honeymoon took place. On the honeymoon itself, my brother broke the seal and my sister-in-law was fucked hard. After the honeymoon, the sister-in-law went to her maternal home for the ceremony of Pagfere. The next day brother went to pick them up, and along with me I also went. My sister-in-law returned after completing the ritual of Pagfere. Now brother-in-law had to leave for his honeymoon the next day. In fact, before marriage, the brother had asked the sister-in-law where will Jaan go on his honeymoon. So my sister-in-law told that she likes to roam on the mountain very much. Brother again asked to go to Kullu Manali Shimla.And booked a five-day honeymoon package through a travel agent. My Brother and sister-in-law had left for our honeymoon by bus at night.Super Deluxe AC There was a Volvo bus in which there is a seat for two people to sleep at the bottom. My Brother and sister-in-law went to sleep peacefully. It was not known when the night's journey was over. Brother and sister-in-law reached Shimla by about 10 am. Since Bhaiya had taken the honeymoon package through a travel agent, there was no worry about hotels, taxis, rooms, etc. Brother and sister-in-law went to their hotel.As soon as he went to the hotel, his brother held his sister-in-law tightly and started kissing her. So sister-in-law said- Hey… Hey… Have you started now? What's too soon? We have come only for our honeymoon. And we have five whole days.Brother said - My dear, I am not getting patience now. Let's get fresh first. Then have breakfast. Feeling hungry too. My Sister-in-law said - I come after taking a bath.And sister-in-law went to the bathroom to take a bath. Then the sister-in-law raised her voice and said - give me Colgate, I have not brushed.Brother said - I will give now. And as soon as the sister-in-law opened the door, the brother immediately entered the bathroom. Brother was in French underwear and sister-in-law was in bra panty. Brother said - My dear, today both will take a bath together.As soon as he said this, the brother turned on the hot water shower in the bathroom.


Then held the sister-in-law tightly and started kissing her by hugging her chest. While kissing, the brother opened the hook of the sister-in-law's bra and also took out the panty.My sister-in-law was blushing a bit. Brother said - How to be ashamed now? Why are you shy my dear? Have a good one! And as soon as he said this, Bhaiya took off his Frenchie ie underwear with one hand and separated it. Now both brother and sister-in-law were standing completely naked and drops of water were falling from above.Sister-in-law is very fair anyway, so the drops of water were shining like pearls. Brother was kissing continuously. Sister-in-law's breasts had become hard and nipples had become hard. Brother's penis was also standing erect, which was being caressed by his sister-in-law. Now brother said - suck it, my love! So sister-in-law refused by shaking her neck.Brother got very angry.

Posted 08 Aug 2023

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