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Pinky hung up the phone by saying 'Dhatt'. Reached Anil Ravi's flat at 8 o'clock at night. At that time Ravi's parents were having dinner. Ravi did not come. Colonel said to Anil - Come have dinner. So Anil said - No uncle, let Ravi come, I will do it with him. After a while Ravi came and Colonel Saheb and Reema ji went upstairs with Tina and Chintu. Ravi said to Pinky - You make drinks, I have just come after taking a bath.
When he went to take a bath, Anil took out a rose from his bag and gave it to Pinky.
Pinky smiled and thanked him. Anil praised Pinky's nail polish and how much the pink color suits you. Pinky said - Why are you killing Masca? Anil said - that's why we have to take him away. Anil held Pinky's hand and said - Really you are very beautiful.
Pinky kept smiling, she didn't even release her hand. Ravi was watching everything from behind the screen. Anil kisses Pinky's hand. Now Pinky regained consciousness and she said - You sit, he must be coming. Then Ravi came inside. Pinky put drinks with snacks. He had prepared heavy snacks, and he knew that today's gathering would be late, then don't know how long the dinner would be. Ravi said to Pinky - Let's sit on the bed, put it there. All three sat on the bed without hesitation. Pinky gave whiskey to both of them and took coke for herself. Ravi made Pinky take the first sip from his glass. So Anil also got Pinky to sip. Ravi said to Pinky - you change, where are you carrying this suit. Pinky quickly came in a pink color night suit.
Her youth, cast in pink in open hair, was wreaking havoc. The plate of snacks was empty, so Pinky brought more and sat hugging Ravi. All three were having fun with drinks. Ravi forcefully put some whiskey in Pinky's cold drink.
Pinky kisses Ravi to tease Anil. Putting her hand inside his T-shirt, she started caressing his stomach. Seeing this, Anil said - why are you longing for me. See, one day mine will also come. Pinky said something in Ravi's ear.
So Anil said laughing- what are you saying, tell me too… and where is this hand of yours going, I can see everything. It's getting early, shall I go? Actually, Pinky's hand was hitting Ravi's cock from above.


Posted 16 Aug 2023

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