Steps for getting back SRP on the MetaMask browser extension

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MetaMask Wallet is a platform that is available to be used in several different ways and on other devices as well. MetaMask is always in demand when selecting the best crypto wallet. Although many other wallets are present, they do not have enough features to help them compete with the MetaMask. But all of these have one similarity and that is Secret Recovery Phrase or Seed Phrase. Every wallet user is given possession of a Secret Recovery Phrase. And this seed phrase is to be kept with utmost as it is the only thing that could help the users to get access to their account back if they no longer remember their account passcode.
This blog will guide the users about the way for recovering the Secret Recovery Phrase of their MetaMask browser extension account.

Who should read this blog?
This blog should only be read by traders who do not have their Secret Recovery Phrase and are stuck in the below-given situations:
Are not aware of their Secret Recovery Phrase.
Though you know the unlocking passcode of your account.
You are not able to unlock your account even after using the unlocking passcode.
You are currently operating metamask extension in the form of Browser Extension.
If you are not confirmed whether you fall under the above-mentioned categories, then visit the help page of the MetaMask browser extension to know more details about it. 

Vault Extraction instructions
The following guide is mainly for Chrome-based users only. So, follow the step below:

Open the Vault Decryptor Tool
Dan-Finlay who is a co-founder of the MetaMask has designed this decryptor tool. The tool has recently undergone an update to make it more user-friendly. You can access this page by using an offline mode also. 

Locate Vault
You would be able to find the location by going to the hidden files location. The steps to go to the hidden file location might vary from device to device. And to know the steps of it you can refer to the blogs posted on the official site of Metamask wallet . Although it is advised that if you have various vaults then you should remember the password of each file and the location of every vault. 

Now Decrypt your Vault
This is the easy step, the pre-requirement of this step is you should know the correct passcode of your account. You have to write the password on the shown text box and press the Decrypt button. After this, the Secret Recovery Phrase would be shown on the screen. You can now store the Secret Recovery Phrase and then continue with the login process on the MetaMask Browser Extension. 

Summing It Up!
There is another way to reveal Secret Recovery Phrase as well, but for that method, you must be able to get logged in to your account. After that go to the settings option and then you will find the option to reveal the secret recovery phrase. This method is very helpful for users who have lost their phrase by mistake but they do remember the password to unlock their MetaMask browser Extension account. We hope that with the help of our guide, you were able to get back your SRP. Though if you got stuck on any of the aforesaid steps then you can reach out to help from the MetaMask support team and they can guide you through the procedure with proper details. But as it is advised, never lose your SRP as your whole crypto wallet account is based on it. So, keeping the phrase safe means keeping your wallet account safe.

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