A guide to cardboard boxes

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A guide to cardboard boxes
Cardboard boxes are a popular packaging material used by everyone from large multi-billion pound ecommerce retailers to small Etsy shops! It's the first product people think of when they say 'packaging'. They have great versatility to protect and ship your products and they can be recycled!Get more news about Packaging Boxes 1 Layer,you can vist our website!
The history of boxes
Corrugated paper was first invented in the 19th century to reinforce top hats! The first corrugated paper was patented in England in 1856 by Edward G. Healy and Edward E. Allen.
Almost two decades later, people started using corrugated paper as a protective packaging material. Initially, it was used to wrap glass bottles and kerosene lamp chimneys. Corrugated board as we know it today came about in 1874 when an American, Oliver Long, introduced two sheets (or liners) to the pleated paper to make it stronger.
Fast forward another 20 years to 1894 and the first corrugated boxes were made by Henry Norris and Robert Thompson. They proved cheaper, lighter and easier to store than the wooden boxes used for shipping at the time - and the packaging industry has never looked back!
So what do you need to know about corrugated boxes if you want to use them as your main packaging material?
How to measure a box
The dimensions of a box always refer to the internal dimensions (the usable space that your products will go into), not the external dimensions, because different grades and corrugations can change the thickness of the box itself. Box dimensions are usually expressed as Length (L) x Width (W) x Height (H).
We always recommend measuring boxes in millimetres. For example: 600mm x 300mm x 250mm.
The boxes you choose should accommodate the range of products you stock - from the smallest item to the largest - as well as any protective packaging (e.g. bubble wrap or paper padding) you'll need for shipping.
Getting the size of your boxes right is important because it affects your entire supply chain, from minimum order quantities to storage and customer experience.
Posted 23 Aug 2023

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