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He thought, that first Holi should be played, so he came 2 days in advance to take a bath, Pradeep put color on the aunt. There was a lot of color. He put color on the hair, which was dry. It was not the proper color. Abir was there. Which is played by people of older age. So he poured a lot of color on the aunt and she ran inside stopping him. So Pradeep put color on her holding her from behind and in that he touched her boobs and waist. Now the aunt was very angry, she got angry that what is this way. How much older am I than you? Holi is not played like this with big people. So Pradeep said – here they play like this. Then he went away saying Happy Holi, if it stays for a long time, then the aunt will get angry. The next day he again came from the front door with color in hand. Auntie again got scared that he would apply color.

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Because Aunty could not fa
ce Pradeep at that age with strength. Then he lovingly explained to him that he had played yesterday. Why today? So Pradeep said sorry for yesterday's act and said – today he will paint with love normally. So the aunt agreed because Pradeep had said sorry. But Pradeep said that you face in that direction. Then it will fit properly. Otherwise, the hands from the front will not look correct. He was convinced by saying Aunt please, please. When the aunt turned. Pradeep immediately took advantage of the opportunity and Pradeep was wearing only lowers. Aunty wore a petticoat. Then Pradeep slightly caught the face of the aunt. Due to this she shivered and went back and Aunt's ass collided with Pradeep's cock. She felt his dick, then she went ahead and Pradeep left her and said thank you. He said – that you played Holi with me. Thank you and said – You didn't feel bad about anything of mine? Auntie had no answer. What would you say? He shook his head in no. Then next Ashok took everyone to his village and the best thing happened. Hello friends, my name is Vijay and I live in a village in Mehsana, at home Everyone calls me John because my body and face are similar to John Abraham. My father is a farmer and we have a lot of land. For farming, we hire a lot of laborers to work in the field. My penis size is 9 inches. I have torn pussies of many girls in my college and that is why no girl fucks me for the second time. I study engineering so I live in a university hostel. Once I went home, I saw that a laborer family had come to stay. It was both of them and his wife looked very nice. After seeing it you will say is it really a laborer..! My cock got tight on seeing her. Just from that day, I had made up my mind to fuck him, but unfortunately, I was not getting any chance. One day I was watching TV when my mother called me to help Kali (her name) to bring fodder from the field. I started walking behind her, seeing her throbbing ass, my cock got tight and while walking I don't know what hit my feet. I bumped into her and my hands went straight to her mom. ‘Hey, did you do something.. then I will tell your mother..’

After that, she started looking at my capri which had become a tent between my legs. She started smiling and left. Ten days had passed since then. One night my mother said - Your father has gone out and is not going to come at night, so you go to sleep in the field..! And I took the torch and went to the field. 

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