6 Ecommerce YouTube Channels that Help You Make First Sale

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Are you stuck with yourfirst sale? Do you want to improve your ecommerce performance? Do you want to
learn how to boost your online business? If your answer to above asked common
questions is yes, then you should look at nowhere else but YouTube.

It’s a fact that YouTubeis the best platform to unveil tons of tutorials on different topics. Whether
it’s about learning ecommerce, drop shipping, or even shopify, you will always
find YouTube tutorials a right option to go with.

But when you startsearching on YouTube about best tutorials on ecommerce, you will find lots of
channels to go with. Due to abundance of choices, you get confused about making
a final decision. That’s why this post will help you knowing about the top 6 ecommerce
YouTube channels to learn how to make your first sale online.

1– Marouane Number 1 (MarouaneRHAFLI)

Marouane number 1 is ayoutube channel devoted to ecommerce, SEO, shopify, and entrepreneurship.
Whether you are new to ecommerce or a season professional, you always find
Maroune RHAFLI a good ecommerce and shopify mentor.

Maroune created this YouTubechannel to help people learn about SEO, shopify business, ecommerce, and
entrepreneurship. Obviously, it’s a good YouTube channel that provides free
tutorials on how to start a business on shopify. Whether you want to learn how
to make your first sale or start a shopify store online, you will always find
this YouTube channel a great source of knowledge and inspiration.

It’s recommended to followthis ecommerce youtube channel. The best part of subscribing to content of this
channel on YouTube is that you don’t need to pay for anything. If you need free
education and guidance about how to start a shopify store to run an ecommerce
business, this is the best channel on YouTube to go with.

2– Casual Ecommerce (Jake Alexander)

Jake Alexander createdCasual Ecommerce YouTube channel to help people learn about Google ads,
Facebook ads, Wix, Shopify,and ecommerce. Of course, when it comes to choosing best place to learn about
how to start a shopify store or ecommerce business, Casual Ecommerce is the
best YouTube channel to go with.

This YouTube channel wascreated in 2013. If you want to unveil latest ecommerce tutorials, you need to
subscribe to this YouTube channel. Here, you can unveil a big assortment of
video tutorials on how to start an ecommerce business. You will learn how to
use ads to derive traffic and generate leads for your business online.  

3– Ecommerce Unlocked (Ecommerce Marketing Course by Neil Patel)

Neil Patel is known as anexpert when it comes to unlocking the secrets of sales, marketing, SEO, and
ecommerce. If you want to go through professional ecommerce marketing course,
you need to look at nowhere else but Ecommerce Unlocked.

Neil Patel introduced thisspecific ecommerce marketing video course to help contemporary entrepreneurs
learn how to leverage the benefits of ecommerce. By going through Neil Patel’s
ecommerce marketing professional course, you will be able to learn how to start
a business online to make money.

If you want to choose anorganized ecommerce marketing course, Neil Patel’s youtube channel is the best
place to subscribe to. Here, you will get detailed video tutorials and guidance
about ecommerce marketing. This course can help you achieving desired business
goals within a short span of time.

4– Fundamentals of Ecommerce

If you assume that bymerely creating a shopify store, you will be able to make money. You need to
get rid of this assumption. Actually, when it comes to making sales online, you
also need to learn how to use facebook ads, how ecommerce works and how to unveil
the features of shopify apps.

Fundamentals of Ecommerce,a YouTube channel devoted to ecommerce, is the best option to learn how to make your first sale online. Whether you want to start a new shopify store or run an
ecommerce business, you will always find this youtube channel beneficial. Byfollowing this ecommerce channel on youtube, you will learn about the fundamentals of ecommerce marketing.

5– Marketing 360

Learning about ecommercesimply means learning how to start a small-sized business online. If you want
to learn how to run a small business online with great profit, you need to
follow Marketing 360 youtube channel.

Marketing 360, a youtubechannel, is devoted to provide detailed video tutorials on marketing,
entrepreneurship and ecommerce. With more than 114k subscribers and around 465
videos, Marketing 360 is considered as the best youtube channel for unlocking
the secrets of ecommerce marketing.

6– Oberlo

With 343k subscribers and266 videos, Oberlo is considered among the top channels on Youtube that provide
video tutorials on ecommerce, shopify, dropshipping, branding, and much more.
Obviously, when it comes to starting an ecommerce business, you first need to
learn how to setup a shopify store.

Apart from setting up ashopify store, you also need to learn how to leverage the benefits of ecommerce
marketing. That’s why you need to find out video tutorials about how to create
a new shopify store online. You also need to learn how to use ecommerce
marketing to generate desired sales online.

Oberlo youtube channel isbasically devoted to ecommerce, shopify, dropshipping, products & trends,
and trending videos on tiktok. It means that it’s the best place to learn how
to use free resources online to promote your products among potential customers
or users.

What’sYour Favorite YouTube Channel for Learning Basics of Ecommerce?

If you are also anecommerce enthusiast, you must have already followed one or more ecommerce
channels on youtube. Now, you can also include these 6 ecommerce youtube
channels to your list of subscribed youtube channels for ecommerce learning.

But you should alwaysremember the fact that by merely going through a few ecommerce video tutorials,
you won’t be able to run a business online. Instead, you also need to learn how
to implement your knowledge to run an ecommerce business online. 

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