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He said – you do not look sexy. You are very sexy too. For a while, I got his cock back and he climbed on top of me again. Now I was on fire. Yes, I am a very straight woman but today I don't know how I had become like a prostitute. He started fucking my pussy again. He was giving me all the fun. Along with pressing my boobs too. Now I was about to fall. But he just got back up. Within a short time, I fell down and she said – lie down on your back. Now serve your ass. I said that to date I have not done this with anyone. Please don't do this with me. He said - oh man. There will be fun in this too. Lie down please After he said that much, I lay down like a bitch and he was inserting his cock in my ass. But it was not going to be completed. Suddenly he pushed hard and the whole cock entered inside. I lost my breath and I screamed loudly. But he was slowly kicking my ass. Now I was also having fun. After a long time, he ejaculated again and put his cum in my mouth. I drank his semen. Now we were tired and fell asleep. I am a simple woman today in arms with an unknown man. I am a resident of a very small village in Rajasthan. We have small kutcha-pucca houses here and in the name of land, there are mountains of stones and deserts. We are farmers and in the name of farming, we grow some thorns and acacias in the mountains and deserts of stones. I am 14 years old, but on our side, the stature of men and women is very good, so I look like a young girl of 22-23 years. Many boys in the village remember me and beat their fists. But, I just mind my own business. There is a nice big courtyard in my house and there is a closet. Me and my younger brother sleep in the courtyard and my mother and father sleep in the closet. One day, there was a heavy storm coming and it was a bit difficult to sleep outside, so Mother called both of us into the cell and we slept in a corner. My father was an alcoholic and used to create a lot of ruckus after drinking alcohol, then my mother used to kill him. I had often felt that when Bapu used to pinch my mother's nipples or waist, she used to smile lightly. At the time of sleeping at night, a lamp used to burn in the closet for a little light, its light was not much, but it was enough to see. After eating food, we all fell asleep. Suddenly in the middle of the night, I heard someone's voice talking. When I tried to see while lying down, I saw that mother and father were talking lightly and father had taken mother on himself. The sound was very soft, so I could not hear anything, but I could see everything. Mother was on father's side and they were talking face to face. Till then I did not know anything. When I came to know about sex, it all made sense. Maa was on Bapu and they were sucking each other's lips. Mother was sobbing lightly. Bapu was holding Mother tightly and was doing something on her waist. Then Mother looked at us and seeing us sleeping stood up and started taking off her saree. When the mother became completely naked, she saw how beautiful the mother was. Mother's nipples were big and tight and she had a cool body. Before that, I understood something new. Because seeing mother like this, my teats started standing. Bapu was still lying down. Mother removed something from his legs and sat on it. As soon as the mother sat down, the mother screamed softly. Then mother sobbed while lying down and started moving herself up and down and Bapu also started moving. In a short while, mother fell on top of Bapu with a jerk and both of them held each other tightly. I was watching all this, I did not understand much, but my nipples were standing and water was coming out of my pussy. The next day when I went to take a bath, being completely naked, I started introducing myself to my mother. My chicks were also big but, my mother was bigger and their body was more curvy and beautiful. I used to go to work alone every day and used to work on the farm alone. No one used to come and go there, only sometimes the policemen and sometimes some fair sir and fair mam used to come roaming around. When I left for work in the morning, I didn't even know that something was going to happen on the farm today. On a hot afternoon, I was resting under a tree after work. There were not many leaves on the tree, so there was little protection from the sun and I had put some dry grass to lie on. Gave | He sat on the grass after drinking water and started asking about that place. He was wearing a vest and loose shorts, but his body was strong. I was staring at him. He understood my eyes and started running his hand over me. At first, I backed away, but when he held me by one hand, I moved closer to him. He now started running both his hands on my body. Something started happening to me too. Then Gore put his hands inside my salwar and started pressing my nipples forcefully. Saskia started coming out of me. The white man took off my shirt and made me lie down and came up and started kissing my lips. He was speaking again and again. sexy Indian, sexy Indian | I did not know English, so I did not understand anything. But when he was sucking my lips it was a lot of fun. Then, he opened my salwar with one hand and put his hand inside it, and pressed my pussy tightly. His whole body was white and fair like flax and was shining like gold in the sun. He had something hanging between his legs, which I did not have. He told me the difference between pussy and cock. His cock was erect seeing my muscular body and was jerking again and again. Now the white man made me lie down on the grass and came on top of me and started sucking my nipples. His hot was sucking my nipple and his cock was hitting my pussy. The white man hurriedly put his cock on my pussy and thrust it inside. My pussy was small and tight because it was fucking for the first time, then the blonde cock slipped and went to the side. The blonde took some spit in her hand and wet my pussy and my cock by rubbing it. Now Gore is targeted again. This time, the cock went inside a bit and I screamed. I felt as if a hot rod had been inserted inside me. Gora went crazy with happiness and he hit another hard push and his cock penetrated completely inside tearing my pussy. A squirt of blood came out of my pussy and my whole back started aching. The cheese was starting to happen in my pussy, but the blonde was crazy, pushed hard.

I was traveling by train and when I was traveling by train, at that time I got a call from my mother and mother asked me son where have you reached then I told her that I had reached Jaipur. Mother said that son when you reach Jalandhar, call me. I told Mother that yes Mother, I will tell you. My mother worries about me a lot and when I reached Jalandhar, I called my mother and talked to her for a long time. I do a job in Ahmedabad and I live in Jalandhar apart from my family, I have been there for four years. I want to start my business now, When I reached Jalandhar, I called my mother and told her that I had reached Jalandhar. I talked to my mother for a long time and I felt good talking to her. I wanted to start my own business, so soon I left my job and after that, I started my own business. Started running and I was very happy. I wanted my family to stay with me in Jalandhar. When I talked to my father about this, my father refused me and said no son, what will we do after coming to Jalandhar. I always talked to my father and mother, but I wanted them to stay with me, but they said that they wanted to stay in Bhopal only. I also never said anything to them after that but many times I felt that I should be with my family or those people should be with me but it could not happen. Now the time was increasing very fast. Once I met Pragya at a party, I was very happy to meet her. I didn't know much about her because I met her through a common friend. But I loved talking to Pragya and Pragya loved it too. The way we both are with each other and spend time with each other, now somewhere we both started loving each other. I wanted to express my love to Pragya. When I expressed my love to Pragya, she too could not refuse and then we were in a relationship with each other. We both feel very good whenever we are together and whenever we spend time with each other. I wanted to marry Pragya, so when I told Pragya about this, Pragya told me that I wanted to talk to my family. Pragya wanted to talk to her parents about this and Pragya's family members also had no objection to getting Pragya married to me. Those people were ready to get me and Pragya married. Now both of us were about to get married and both of us were very happy. After we got married, Pragya started living with me and everything was going well. I was very happy with Pragya but Mom and Dad still live in Bhopal. One day I told my father on the phone that if you people come to Jalandhar for a few days, then those people did come to Jalandhar for a few days but they did not stay with us and then they went back to Bhopal. Whenever I was with Pragya, I used to like it very much and Pragya also liked it very much. Whenever she was with me, we both tried to spend maximum time together. Whenever I got time, I used to spend time with Pragya. Whenever I went out for work, Pragya used to go to her parents. Once I had to go to Bangalore in connection with my work, there I had important work, so I wanted to go to Bangalore for a few days. When I talked to Pragya about this, Pragya told me when would you return from there. I told Pragya that I would come back from there soon. Pragya started saying okay I will go to Mom and Dad tomorrow. I told Pragya that I would drop you off at Mom and Dad in the morning and then I'd leave from there. Pragya said okay and the next day I dropped Pragya at Pragya's parents' house. After going to the airport, when I took a flight from there, I directly reached Bangalore and after reaching Bangalore, I rested for some time in the hotel where I was staying. I stayed in Bangalore for two days and after completing my work, I returned back to Jalandhar. Pragya had also returned home that day me and Pragya wanted to spend time together so I took Pragya to dinner with me that day. Pragya and I were talking to each other, I was thinking of having sex with Pragya. I told Pragya that it had been many days, and we had not even had sex. Pragya also knew this very well, we both have not had sex for many days, so she was yearning for me. I told him I wanted to have sex with you today. Pragya told me yes why not? Pragya had removed her clothes in front of me. I could see Pragya's full naked body and I could not control myself. Seeing her white body, I am in love!


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