How to Change your Facebook Password

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Want to solve your problem by knowing that all your passwords are the same? Or maybe your Facebook account has been compromised. Or maybe your other account has been hacked!
Regardless of your reasoning, if you need more security for your account, changing your Facebook password is a good place to start.
The process of change your Facebook password is easy. The steps you need to take to change your Facebook password through the app are slightly different than the desktop version, but we'll walk you through both methods.
To change your Facebook password, follow these steps:
How to change your Facebook password from the Facebook app
  1. Open the Facebook app
  2. [/*]
  3. Tap the three lines at the bottom right.
  4. [/*]
  5. Scroll down and tap ‘Settings & Privacy’.
  6. [/*]
  7. Tap ‘Settings’.
  8. [/*]
  9. Tap ‘Security & Login’.
  10. [/*]
  11. Tap “Change Password” under the “Sign In” heading.
  12. [/*]
  13. Enter your current password and new password. Confirm your new password and tap 'Update Password'.
  14. [/*]
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