What Are benefits of The Anodized Aluminum Sheet

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Anodizing is an electrochemical manner that may shape a sturdy and durable ceramic layer at the floor of aluminum. The anodized aluminum sheet is immune to corrosion, ultraviolet rays, and fingerprints. The anodized surface is apparent and to be had in an expansion of coloration options through electrolytic tinting. The surface of the anodized aluminum sheet retains its metallic look and looks harmon
ious with any object.
The chemical system is just like the chemical reaction equation that occurs in the course of anodization of acidic electrolyte:
Anodizing method: 2Al+3H2O?Al2O3+6H++6e-
Dissolution technique: Al2O3+6H+?2Al3++3H2O
Cathode method: 6H++6e-?3H2
The anodizing process can produce oxide layers with various properties. Therefore, consistent with special forms of anodizing approaches, corresponding oxide layers may be produced. Appropriate thickness, ornamental or functional, obvious or opaque, coloured or non-coloured, abrasion resistant or electrically insulating kinds all can be acquired. The thickness of the anodized movie will increase with temperature. Whilst it's miles anodized, no matter whether or not it is plated on either side of the anode, the thickness of the film can attain 20 micron.
Anodized aluminum sheet blessings
1. Suitable processability
The anodized aluminum plate has sturdy ornamental properties and mild hardness. It may be effortlessly bent into shape and subjected to continuous high-speed stamping, making it smooth to immediately process into merchandise with out the complex floor treatments, greatly shortening the production cycle and reducing manufacturing prices.
2. True weather resistance
The anodized aluminum plate with a widespread thickness oxide film (3µm) will now not discolor, corrode, oxidize or rust for a long term when it's far used interior. The anodized aluminum plate with thickened oxide movie (10µm) may be used exterior and will not discolor after being exposed to sunlight for a long time.
3. Robust metallic feeling
The surface hardness of the anodized aluminum sheet is excessive, attaining gem degree, and having properly scratch resistance. The surface is not protected through paint, retaining the steel coloration of the aluminum plate, highlighting the contemporary metal experience, and enhancing product fine and delivered cost.
4. Excessive fire resistance
It is without paint or any chemical materials at the floor. And it does not burn at six hundred stages Celsius, which do now not produce toxic gases, and meet fireplace protection and environmental safety requirements.
5. Sturdy stain resistance
It leaves no fingerprints or stains, is easy to clean, and does now not produce corrosion spots.
6. Strong applicability
The anodized aluminum sheet steel is of huge variety of uses like metal aluminum ceilings, curtain wall aluminum panels, aluminum-plastic panels, fireproof panels, honeycomb aluminum panels, aluminum veneers, electrical equipment panels, cupboard panels, furniture panels, and so forth.
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