How to choose home textiles?

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Listen, I have this thing: I'm going to renew the textiles for our home with my family, and here's the challenge - how to choose good textiles in Cyprus? Where to look, what to pay attention to and how to make such a choice that everyone will be satisfied?
Posted 13 Oct 2023

jonsers says
I recently changed the textiles in my house in Cyprus. I advise you to look in specialized stores - there are more options. Don't forget to consider the style of décor in the rooms so that the textiles match. Also, if you see something you like, check the quality of the material - it's important for longevity. By the way, in the store? Askona has great options
Posted 13 Oct 2023

meeser says
Thanks for the tips! Your recommendations for choosing textiles are quite logical. But I am interested in how to determine the quality of the material to be sure that the textile will last a long time and be comfortable. Are there any characteristics or tips to check the quality?
Posted 13 Oct 2023

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