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One day he told me I love you, it took me time… but I also expressed my love. Being more happy than me on my every birthday, spending thousands of rupees on me despite refusing, he was crazy about me…he had also made me crazy about him. We used to like going out on bikes often, bunking college, and going to watch movies. I had become his whole world, he used to worship me. He didn't think at all before screwing with someone for me. Days started passing fast, we both had forgotten the world. That period of love had changed both of us from within. We took many vows of love and made many promises.
Time took a turn, my father fixed my marriage at an early age of 20-21 years. My condition was also bad from the inside, but he was worse than me. He was ready to go to any extent to get my support. But I knew that if I ran away from home, it would be difficult for my family members to live in society. With a heavy heart, I refused to go with him. He tried hundreds of times every day to change my decision, but I did not agree. I got married, everyone was happy…. Except for that boy. I met her after many months of my marriage. He had ruined his condition. He said that he was lonely even before meeting me and became lonely again after I left. He said that he will fulfill our vows and promises. He says that he has lost the battle of love, but he will definitely win the battle of love. He says that even if you cannot support me, my love is with me. With the help of my love, she has decided to move forward in life. He says that his love is true, so his love will never become his weakness.  I realize my mistake. Cause my love hurt me more, and I ruined her life. My name is Ayush and I work in Thane. This thing is almost a year and a half old from today. I had started earning and was getting married. But I never really felt like getting married. Even then my family members started talking about my marriage. I liked the girl at first sight. She was from our nearby town. My family members also became happy when the girl liked me. We went to his house to confirm the relationship. When I actually saw him, I was blown away. She was more beautiful than she was looking in the photo. She was absolutely calm and decent to see. Her name was Shyamli but her complexion was fair. He had a well-built body and his height was around 5.4 feet. His weight was around 60 kg. Her boobs were so big that they were about to come out of her saree. Seeing her, any man's heart would fall for her and get ready to fuck her. Confirming my marriage with him was no less than winning the lottery. I was bursting with laddoo on seeing him. The matter was confirmed and within two months we got married. I was getting very excited for the first wedding night. When I went to the room, she was sitting on the bed. The whole room was smelling. There was flower decoration. I sat down beside him and asked him a thing or two about him. Asked about her likes and dislikes and she opened up a bit. After that, I put my hand on her shoulder and she started blushing. After that, I started opening her saree, and she closed her eyes. I made her lie on the bed.  I removed the pallu of her saree. Tightly fitted in her blouse, her boobs were erect. He seemed eager to be freed and it seemed that if he was not freed, he would come out on his own. The chest line of her breasts was looking so deep that I felt like drowning in the darkness. Then I opened her saree from the waist. She remained in a blouse and petticoat. I lay on top of her and started kissing her lips. She was shy at first then started supporting me. I started pressing her nipples and both of them started getting hot. Now she was also sucking my lips while holding me in her arms. My small cock started jumping in my pants. Yes, friends, my luck was not very good in this matter. The size of my cock was not very big. But I was sure that my wife would not have much problem with this. I had read many places that size does not matter much to satisfy a woman. So friends, after that I got Shyamli's blouse removed. Her teats were as white as milk. Her brown colored nipples were very thick and looked absolutely marble-sized. I took her tea in my mouth and started drinking it. Slowly cursing she started feeding the teat.




Posted 20 Oct 2023

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