The Knockout: A Masterful Account of a Police Officer’s Fight Against Organized Crime

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The Knockout: A Masterful Account of a Police Officer’s Fight Against Organized Crime
“The Knockout” is a 2023 Chinese criminal drama directed by Xu Jizhou, starring Zhang Yi, Zhang Songwen, Li Yitong, Zhang Zhijian, and Wu Gang. The show takes place in the city of Jinghai and chronicles the 21-year feud between incorruptible policeman An Xin and fishmonger-turned-mobster Gao Qiqiang . The show is impeccably cast and is a who’s who list of China’s best actors, all of whom deliver immersive performances .To get more news about the knockout chinese drama, you can visit shine news official website.
The story begins with An Xin, a front-line criminal police officer in Jinghai City, constantly struggling with the black and evil forces and never able to bring the criminals to justice. After the national political and legal team education and rectification work, Linjiang Province sent a steering group to Jinghai, combined with the public prosecution, law and justice departments, to clear the corrupt elements within the political and legal team. This crushed the protectionistic measures the black and evil forces have planted in the system, and in one fell swoop, he managed to eradicate the strong group that has been cooped up in Jinghai for many years 2.
The show focuses on the crime world of Jinghai and its collapse during the investigation. It tells the story of a police officer’s fight against organized crime over a period of 20 years, showing the rise and fall of underworld figures and corrupt officials 1. The director’s incisive lens meticulously peels back the many layers of the multi-faceted characters and their intricate relationships.
On the surface, “The Knockout” is just like any other Chinese cop drama - a propaganda hit – bad guys will whatever fail due to the finest leadership with pure (and unhuman) justice of humanity on the right side of history. But this time, young Chinese especially admire the head mafia - Mr. Gao or “Gao Qiqiang,” in the series 3. Since crime drama “The Knockout” began streaming on January 14, it has quickly become one of the most talked-about shows online. It currently boasts an impressive 9/10 score on the Chinese review platform Douban, the highest rating yet for a show or movie this year on the site .
In conclusion, “The Knockout” is a masterful account of how a struggling everyman insidiously strays onto the road to perdition. The stage is set brilliantly from the get-go to manipulate us into sympathizing with a character who does terrible things. We are blinded by their humanity and blame the system for failing them, forcing the oppressed to become oppressors. It is clear from the outpouring of accolades that Gao Qiqiang is an iconic portrayal that put hitherto under-appreciated Zhang Songwen on the map. Gao Qiqiang is a visionary mastermind who draws inspiration from Sun Tzu’s Art of War. He is dangerously underestimated because of his amicable facade and his disarming affection for and vulnerability with those he cares for. The way he embraces fashion to please his wife to how he willfully blinds himself to his brother’s weaknesses is both touching and relatable. When crossed, threatened or betrayed, he is unforgiving and cruel to the point of depravity - no one is safe from him. He is chillingly ruthless and implacable when it comes to imposing his own brand of loyalty and justice. Like any good sociopath he oozes regret but in truth has no qualms about sacrificing his generals. He “makes it right” by caring for their families sincerely and with deep gratitude. He is bound by a very misguided code; one that is ruthless and amoral yet oddly authentic and honorable .
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