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Hey there . We all know that apps can sometimes throw a tantrum and give us errors when we least expect them . Well Coinbase Wallet is no exception to that rule . It can be a real buzzkill when you’re about to make an important transaction and bam . You get hit with the “Unable to determine fee please try again later” error . But hey don’t you worry . There’s an easy fix that’ll take you less than a minute . Let’s dive in and see how you can kiss that error goodbye in your Coinbase wallet .
So if you’re seeing the dreaded “Unable to determine fee” error it simply means you don’t have enough funds to cover the gas fee for your transaction . Coinbase wallet send error the reason behind this mishap is that many folks don’t realize which network they’re operating on . It’s like having a token on the BNB Chain one minute and then hopping onto the Ethereum network the next . And guess what each network has its very own special token to pay for those gas fees .
Let’s say you’re trying to swap tokens on the Ethereum network . Well you’re gonna see that “unable to determine fee” error because you’re running low on ETH to pay for the gas fee . Bummer right?
But hold on we’ve got a solution for you . The only way to make that error disappear is by transferring more funds to your wallet . Sure you might think you’ve got enough coins stashed in there but here’s the deal during the day the network gets super busy and the fee skyrockets . So choosing the right time to make your transaction can actually save you a ton of money .
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