Why is my Coinbase wallet not working?

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There can be multiple factors that your Coinbase Wallet Not Working properly. If you are facing issues with your Coinbase wallet and looking for a way to fix this issue but have no idea how to fix it? Then stay with us and follow the steps mentioned below to fix the Coinbase wallet issue.
Check your internet connection – Check once if your internet connection working properly or if there is any problem is going on with your network, which is creating issues with using your Coinbase wallet.
Update wallet – Make sure that you have downloaded the wallet on your smartphone is the latest version wallet of Coinbase. If not then update your wallet first and then use your wallet without any issue.
Restart the App – Once try restarting your phone. This can help fix the issue that might have in the functionality of the Coinbase app.
Check server Status – If you have already checked your internet connection and restarted your app but still facing issues with using the Coinbase wallet, then check the server status of Coinbase.  Sometimes its busy sever also creates an issue with using the Coinbase wallet.
These were some common issues that Coinbase Wallet Not Working properly sometimes.
Coinbase wallet send error something went wrong?
There can be various reasons why the Coinbase wallet not working properly and sends errors whenever you want to send Bitcoin or anything. If you are also facing the same issues and looking for a passage to get rid of this riddle, then follow the steps mentioned below.
Insufficient funds – If you are trying to send funds but have no sufficient wallet to cover the network fees, then you will face the error of sending your funds. To avoid this issue check once before sending funds that you have enough funds in your wallet to cover the network.
Enter invalid or incorrect recipient address – If you enter an invalid or incorrect recipient address you will face an error issue in sending your funds. Check the address twice, before you are sending to and make sure it is the correct address.
Using VPN – If using a VPN or any software that hides your location, this makes your identity suspicious and creates an error while using Coinbase wallet. To fix this issue do not use any VPN or software that hides your identity.
Note - If none of these steps work then you will have to contact Coinbase customer support and wait to resolve the Coinbase Wallet Not Working properly. 
Posted 06 Nov 2023

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