Tunfine 13x6 Lace Front Wig Have Become A Game Changer

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In the world of hair extensions and wigs, there is a constant quest for innovation and improvement. One such innovation that has taken the industry by storm is the Tunfine 13x6 lace front wig. This type of wig has gained immense popularity due to its superior versatility and natural look. In this article, we will delve into the various aspects of [u]Tunfine 13x6 lace front wigs[/u] and explore why they have become a game changer in the hair industry.


A 13x6 lace front wig is a wig with a lace front closure that measures 13 inches from ear to ear and 6 inches from the hairline back. This means that the lace area of the wig is larger than that of traditional lace front wigs, allowing for a more realistic and customizable hairline. The extra lace provides more space for the placement of hair, allowing for a more natural and seamless look.

Versatility and Styling Options

One of the key advantages of Tunfine Hair 13x6 lace front wigs is their versatility. The larger lace area allows for various styling options, including the ability to part the hair in multiple ways. With a Tunfine 13x6 lace front wig, you can easily create a middle part, side part, or even a deep side part, depending on your preference. This versatility makes these wigs suitable for a wide range of hairstyles and occasions.

Natural Look and Realistic Hairline

The larger lace area of a Tunfine 13x6 lace front wig contributes to a more natural and realistic hairline. The additional lace allows for a seamless blend between the wig and your natural hairline, giving the illusion of hair growing directly from the scalp. This natural look is further enhanced by the hand-tied hair strands, which are individually knotted to the lace, mimicking the appearance of real hair.

Comfort and Breathability

Another benefit of Tunfine 13x6 lace front wigs is their comfort and breathability. The lace material used in these wigs is lightweight and breathable, allowing air to flow freely to the scalp. This prevents the buildup of heat and sweat, making the wig more comfortable to wear, especially during hot weather or for extended periods of time. The high-quality lace also provides a secure and snug fit, ensuring that the wig stays in place even during vigorous activities.

Posted 08 Nov 2023

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