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After some time I lay down on the bed. After a minute the door of the washroom opened and Aunt came out from inside. As soon as Mami came out… the whole room was filled with fragrance. Mami wore only a black bra and a black petticoat. This petticoat of hers was going up to the top of her bra due to which her fair calves were making me excited. Mami was looking at me with a different eye. I smiled looking at Mami. Aunt Flaunting started brushing her hair and while talking to me started asking – Tell me more Atul… how are mom and dad… and how is everything going on at home? I smiled lightly and said - everything is going well, Aunt. We both started talking like this. Suddenly Mami said- Hey what is this… you didn't take a cold drink and salty? I said - yes mami was just eating. Suddenly, while lowering the petticoat, the aunt said to me - Atul, please fix all the hooks of my bra properly!
While speaking this, Aunt started calling me close to her with a gesture from the mirror itself.
At that time I was not in a position to stand… because my cock was making a tent in my pants. Still, I stood up and came in front of Mami. I understood that Mami is looking at my erect cock in the mirror itself. Friends don't ask when I caught the hook of aunt's bra... how bad my condition had become. Mami's hair was touching my nose…and the smell of her body was driving me crazy. I felt that Mami is touching her ass with my cock by going back a little.
I took a step back and started hooking Mami's bra. But as soon as I was behind, Mami also went a little behind and touched the crevice of her ass with my cock. Seeing all this, even now I did not stop. While closing his two hooks, I also put my cock in the crevice of his ass. As if my cock was ready to explode… as if it would release water immediately. I felt as if the nerves of my penis would explode. I didn't care about the hook of the bra. I put my hand in front lightly pressed my aunt's nipples and kissed her neck from behind. Mami was as if she was already prepared for all this. Mami caught hold of my neck and began to spin on her neck. As soon as this happened, all the shyness had gone out of me. I started rubbing Mami from her petticoat itself. Her bra, whose two hooks were not yet tied properly… I took it off and threw it away. Mami was standing in front of me only in petticoat and I was in my jeans T-shirt in front of Mami. Mami turned around and wrapped me madly in her arms and started kissing me. I was also licking Mami like crazy. After some 5 minutes of kissing and licking, aunt pushed me on the bed and started removing my jeans. I took out my T-shirt and also opened my jeans. I was lying in front of Mami only in my underwear. Aunt was standing in front of me only in petticoat. The redness of lust of a man-eating woman was clearly visible in his eyes.



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