Fixing QuickBooks Error H505: Multi-User Access Failed

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When QuickBooksshows QuickBooks H505 error, it means you have trouble accessing company files
in multi-user mode. The error message points to something blocking the
connection between users and the server. You need to fix the issue promptly and
correctly. This article will explain the Fix QuickBooks Error Code H505 (Multi-User Mode Issue) in more detail.

A brief review of QuickBooks Error H505
There aredifferent types of H-series errors that can happen in QuickBooks. These errors usually occur when youtry to access a company file stored on a server. When QuickBooks has trouble
connecting to the server, it shows an H-series error on the screen. QuickBooksMulti-user error code H505 appears when QuickBooks on your computer can'tconnect to another computer on the network that has the company file.
This error meansthere are technical issues with the network setup that are causing problems
connecting the different computers in the network.
You might get thefollowing error message on your desktop screen:

Winding Up!QuickBooks Error messageH505 can happen dueto network problems. Even if you follow all the steps to fix it, the error

might still come back or not go away. If this happens, we recommend calling our
24/7 QuickBooks error support number at 1-800-615-2347 for extra help and support.


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