Bell & Ross BR 01 Cyber Skull Sapphire Ice Blue

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Bell & Ross BR 01 Cyber Skull Sapphire Ice Blue

Bell & Ross BR 01 CYBER SKULL SAPPHIRE ICE GLOWING BLUE is a refreshing contemporary luxury watchmaking replica swiss watches . The glowing blue skull hides behind the mocking smile, revealing any masterpiece of
watchmaking in the completely transparent manner.

BR 01 CYBER SKULL Collection, modern amulets

The new BR 01 CYBER SKULL SAPPHIRE ICE BLUE is the latest person in the Bell & Ross BR 01 Cyber
Skull rare watch series. On this atypical collection, which includes types in
ceramic, sapphire as well as bronze, Bell & Ross is able to fully explore
the favorite theme: the design of extraordinary timepieces and the uniqueness
with their design. The state-of-the-art multi-faceted case of the Cyber Mind
collection is reminiscent of the actual aesthetics of certain precautionary
aircraft. This connection is simply not trivial when we know the brand's
involvement in aviation. This kind of watch has more than one representational
meaning. In art and also watchmaking, the skull style is widely known as an
phrase of philosophical themes involving vanity, related to the verse of time,
life and loss of life.

This head also pays tribute on the special forces of Bells & Ross who layout and develop instrument wrist watches. Its roots date back to Viking or
pirate times, along with into modern times, elite soldiers and paratroopers have
implemented the skull pattern being a symbol to ward off misfortune. With its
bold and contemporary design, Bell & Ross has made it one of it is signature
pieces. high quality watches replica

ice azure

If boldness required one color, it would certainly be blue. The meaning of orange has changed many times over the decades. In modern times,
it has become a symbol of mother nature and purity. So much ideas cannot help
but feed, nurture the creative imagination of Adombrato Belamich, creative
director in addition to co-founder of Bell & Ross. “The coldness on the sky
blue is properly combined with the transparency of the sky-blue on the case,
just like a multi-faceted iceberg. ” To achieve the latest level of excellence,
this fresh new icy blue hue ended up being chosen for the central portion of the
dial, a bold as well as unusual color in good watchmaking. Carefully crafted
from galvanized brass and blue PVD, it is the true face of the BR 01 CYBER SKULL

The Magic of Clear appearance: Extraordinary Expertise

For you to showcase all the captivating strength of the skull, Bell & Ross replica luxury watches thought to house it in a fortyfive mm case that is water-repellent to 30 meters and also
completely transparent including the event back. The case is made of blue, a
high-tech composite stuff that is almost as challenging as diamond and
scratch-resistant. The design of this particular type of corundum gemstone is
very intricate. Their perfect transparency assumes the particular absence of
impurities. Its manufacturing is an extremely delicate process that will need
heating aluminum oxide powdered melted by a hydrogen relationship to
temperatures in excess of 2000°C. Transparency is also a way to flaunt
contemporary fine watchmaking approaches. In order to ensure that the overall
visual appeal is consistent on the hand wrist, Bell & Ross possesses
equipped the watch with a translucent and soft silicone secure, which is closed
by a slick satin-finished stainless steel pin belt buckle. Limited to just 25
bits, the new BR 01 ONLINE SKULL SAPPHIRE ICE AZURE is essentially an
ultra-unique wristwatch.

An unmatched technical feat

Typically the BR 01 CYBER MIND SAPPHIRE ICE BLUE features a beautiful watchmaking automaton movement in its completely
translucent scenario, triggering the lower part of the face. The skull of this
modern day dressing table becomes very smiling and seems to become more active
thanks to a high-end see movement: hand-wound mechanical activity BR-CAL. 209
with a 48-hour power reserve and 28, eight hundred vibrations per vibration.
occurrence. Hour. The latter, and also the energy requirements of automaton
animation, guarantees accuracy along with reliability. The overall transparency
of the extraordinary timepiece allows you to we appreciate you with the naked
eye typically the carefully crafted finishes on this in-house movement.
Watchmaking fans will appreciate the rhodium-plated connections and bridges,
which along with the numerous skeletonized or skeletonized parts will not only
please hobbyists, but also allow aesthetes for you to delve into the heart of
the issue. There is no denying that this pink skull represents a new of the Bell
& Ross collection and confirms often the brand’s credibility in the field of
great watchmaking.

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Bell & Ross BR 01 CYBER SKULL Sapphire Ice Blue Techie Specifications


Hours and short minutes.

When winding yourself it moves the brain.


Movement BR-CAL. 209.

Manufacture of hand-wound kinetic watches.

Skeletonized rhodium-plated mainplate and bridges.

21 gems. 28, 700 mph.

Incabloc impression protection system.

24 hours power reserve.


43. 50mm long, 45mm wide.


Faceted in addition to polished stainless steel crown.

Sapphire case back.

Mirror: sapphire crystal using anti-reflective coating.

Water resistant: 30 meters.


Skeletal frame faceted sapphire.

Orange anodized steel skull.

The equilibrium point is usually 12 points.

Secure and buckle

Transparent silicone.

Belt buckle. Satin polished steel.

Posted 21 Dec 2023

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