Understanding Optical Cable Filling

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Understanding Optical Cable Filling
Optical cable filling is a crucial aspect of fiber optic cable design and installation. The primary purpose of optical cable filling is to prevent moisture and other impurities from entering the optical cable1. This helps maintain the performance and longevity of the cable and can reduce the need for cable maintenance.Get more news about Optical Cable Filling,you can vist our website!
One of the key components used in optical cable filling is a gel-like filling compound, often referred to as cable jelly. This compound is filled in the gap of the optical cable core. It serves to prevent water from seeping longitudinally into the loose tube and the cable core after each sheath is ruptured. The cable jelly plays a vital role in sealing and waterproofing, anti-stress buffering, and more.
For outdoor optical cables, it is necessary to fill the loose tube of the optical cable with water-blocking materials such as optical fiber filling gel3. This is done to prevent water and moisture from reducing the strength of the optical fiber and increasing the transmission loss, which affects the communication quality. The filling gel achieves the effect of sealing and waterproofing, anti-stress buffering, and protecting the optical fiber.
In conclusion, optical cable filling is a critical process in the manufacturing and installation of fiber optic cables. It ensures the durability and efficiency of the cables, thereby guaranteeing optimal performance in data transmission.
Posted 28 Feb 2024

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