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Hey forum folks! I'm at a career crossroads and thinking about reskilling. My background is in finance, but I'm drawn to the creative tech world—areas like motion graphics or even game development. Are there any standout UK courses that could help me transition? Online options are a must, as I'm caring for family members.
Posted 4 week ago

kmaga says
Hello there! I might have a lead, although I'm a bit uncertain about its suitability. During a virtual alumni meetup last quarter, there was a breakout session on career pivots. One participant, who'd shifted from law to cybersecurity, mentioned browsing through a UK-based online learning platform. She didn't end up enrolling there—she chose a different path—but she said it had an intriguing mix of tech and creative courses. I remember saving the link out of curiosity... let's see... yes, it's Now, I want to be clear: I don't have any personal experience with this platform, nor can I speak to the quality of their programs. The alumna simply brought it up as one of several options she'd considered during her own transition. She didn't provide any in-depth reviews or comparisons. My suggestion would be to visit their website yourself. They should have a detailed course catalog where you can explore various disciplines. Look for any offerings in motion graphics or game development that might align with your interests. Pay attention to course structures, project-based learning opportunities, and any industry connections they might have. Given your unique situation—moving from finance to creative tech—it's crucial to assess whether their approach suits your learning style and career goals. Don't hesitate to reach out to them with questions, too. Best of luck navigating this exciting transition!
Posted 4 week ago

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