When The Music Plays

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It brings a softness to my heart,
drift away, let the music start.
I close my eyes and I dream,
emotions felt in life's scheme.

Sing along with friendly smiles,
tap foot for miles and miles.
Lost in my thoughts thinking of you,
love echoing in love so true.

I feel like dancing to the beat,
moving fast with my shuffling feet.
A slow song in your arms held tight,
warm feelings last throughout the night.

Music gets deep within my soul,
when not myself it makes me whole.
Listening to Jazz, so cool, so bad.
I feel the music when I am sad.

I can hear the rhythm and blues,
mood reflects the music I chose.
Deep in my heart, praise songs ring true,
music in faith will see me through.

Posted 07 Mar 2007

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