Road Romeo-MEDLKA Speacial!

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On Atv thiere is a road show hosted by Mani by the name of Road Romeo.
Well yesterday i saw the topic was Cinema Crisis!
They went to Capri Cinema and good news is that it was full-house.Atleast all of them were families.When taken people's comments they said that the film was good althoguh there were some flaws but chalta hai....
They also give comments on the cinema condition that they are not good,and they should improve it!
People said that producers like Shoaib Alam should come who know the tastes of the public!
Mani also told tht the next big film to come from Lollywood is Khuda Key Liye,he has seen the promos of the movie and the publicity of the film will be starting soon on the media(lolz...Mani we JB Forums members have been told this thing before and still the promo is taking ages).
During the show he also took interview from Muhummad Javaid Fazil.He persuaded that all the technical facilities should be brought in Pakistan so we can meet the publics standard.
Saqib Malik was also interviewed.He said that he has watched MEDLKA and he said that he enjoyed it!He said that technically the film is very strong,songs are also nice,but story is a bit from bolly toch but he enjoyed it!

Now MEDLKA have been shifted to Nishat Cinema.So now in Karachi its screening on Nishat Cinema and Universe Cineplex.This also a prove tht the film not a flop.Why would a cinema put an Urdu Film till soo many weeks if it is a flop?Many people are saying the film is doing good business.

Also the publicity of the film is also going average.
Indus Vision is still showing the making of the film on alternate days.Geo,MTV,The Musik is showing the songs of the film on daily basis.

Lets hope that Spiderman 3 dosent effect much to the business of MEDLKA!
Posted 15 Jun 2007

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