Sooha Jora=Family Film=A Joke!!!

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Welll Well Well....
Nargis home production Sooha Jora has generated a lot of buzz in Punjab.There are reports which are stating the film to be a hit,and i am not denying that.
But the promises and statements made by the team of the film are....

"Yeh baat mein apko dawey sey kehsakta hoon key film sooha jora ek gharelu kahani hai,ek larki ki kahani hai,ganey appko saaf ganey milrahey hein iss mein"
                                   -Zubair Shah
                                    Producer of Sooha Jora

"Yeh meri behnon ki film hai aur mujhey yaqeen hai key woh isey zaroor dekhney ayein gi.Bachon ko bhi saath ley key aiye gaa"
                Filmactress Nargis

Now are all these promises true?
Even I thought they were....but little did i know they were wrong!
Yesterday I watched a song of the film on Filmazia.
What a shame it was.....such vulgur!!!!!!!!!!!
The dresses and moves by Nargis answers the question why the film is a hit!
And the most shocking part was with Nargis Mustafa Qureshi was dancing.Mustafa Qureshi is a very respectable actor but after watching this song i have my doughts...seriously...i was very dissapointed.And this not all,another behuda song featuring third-class stage dancers Nida Chaudry also is on air and trust me after watching all this crap i will not watch it!

Some people are comparing this crap with Majajan.
Let me tell u,Majajan is 100 times better than this...
what do u expect from a director like Pervaiz Rana?
Posted 16 Jun 2007

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