28 Creative Love Letter Ideas

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1. An Audio Tape Letter

Well my Fiancée sent me a audio tape, when I first saw the tape I thought it was
broken, then I looked carefully and realized that it had a little tab, saying
"Pull me" I pulled the tab and started to read what was written on the actually
magnetic tape. My fiancée had actually written to me on the tape with a gold
pen. This really touched my heart, and all I could think of was, what a
wonderful, fun and LOVING person she is. I LOVE her to bits, I wish the same to
all the romantics out there that share the same thoughts as me and my fiancée

2. Message In A Bottle

When you're in a long distance relationship, all you can rely on is letters,
cards, emails, and telephone calls. But my boyfriend came up with a creative way
to send me a letter. I got a package from him one day and I found a bottle with
a letter inside! It was really cute and melted my heart! Who isn't charmed by
received a message in a bottle!

3. Dated...

This is not so much an idea, but something that I did for my love. I never
believed in love at first sight until I met Micheal. It wasn't quite love at
first sight, but following our first date, there were feelings inside me that
went far beyond _expression. I didn't want to say something that I may regret
later, or more likely, something that would scare him away, but I had to let it
out or I would simply explode. I sat down and wrote him a letter telling him of
my feelings for him. I told him that I thought I was falling in love with him
and that I thought he was absolutely wonderful. I put it in an envelope and
mailed it to my own home, but with his name on the envelope. It was only a
couple weeks later when he expressed that he felt the same feelings about me,
and so I pulled the letter out of my drawer and handed it to him. Noticing the
post-marked date, he read the letter with complete astonishment, and was totally
charmed to know that I had fallen in love with him on our very first date.

4. Secret Admirer

I find that the most romantic gestures take a little time to do. Write a
glorious infatuation letter, even better type it to conceal your handwriting.
Try to make sure there are no tips to give you away, but put hints in it that
would make her think it might be somebody else she knows. Use things you might
know about her job, or places she might go, but things other people can also
know. You might even scare her by telling her you followed her home. Sign it
Your Secret Admirer, and send it to her by mail. Send flowers anonymously.
Candy, Poetry, whatever you can think of. I set this up for a month, and when I
let on who her secret admirer was, I never felt so gratified. It made her feel
good that she thought she was still desirable, and when she found out it was me
it made it all the better.

5. A letter hunt

My boyfriend told me that he would leave me a love note on my computer for when
I got home. Well, he did just that and more. He sent me running around the house
finding these little "clues" to where the real love letter was. After running up
and down the stairs, finding clues in the cookie jar, ice cream container, under
my pillow, in the bathroom, on the tv, and so on-he led me to the wine cellar in
the basement where there sat a dozen roses with yet another "clue" as to where
my love letter was. He had taped it to the back of the teddy bear he gave me for
x-mas. It was the sweetest thing in the world even though I felt silly running
through the house like I did.

6. A Single Rose Love Letter

Who says that flowers are only for girls? Guys love them too. I bought a
beautiful rose for my boyfriend and plucked almost all of the petals off of it.
Attached to each petal, I wrote one sentence on a small piece of paper (rolled
up) telling him how much he means to me. I placed the petals face up so he
couldn't see the messages. When he opened the box, he saw the left over plucked
rose, a small note explaining what's behind each petal, and the petals
underneath. I can honestly say that the reciever will cherish that gift forever.
:o) My boyfriend did, and right after he confessed his love for me. To this day,
he still takes out the dried rose petals to read each note that explains how
much I admire and love him.

7. Say it with their name

Send your partner roses according to how many letters there name has. For
example: "manny". You would buy 5 red roses and with each rose you would write a
message starting with the first letter of their name. For example M: My love.
You will never imagine how much I love you. Then for the second rose you would
write: All that I ever have wanted is you and only you. then you would finish
until you get to the letter Y. Before writing the note you must underline the
first letter of every message. It will spell out his /her name. Then leave it
where he/she will see it or just have it sent.

8. Floating love letter

Save the next empty wine bottle, the next time you surprise your partner with
that bubble bath, write a love letter and stick it in the bottle, cork it and
float it in the bath water : )

9. Love Notes

I love leaving little love notes around the house, but you want to make sure
that you leave them where your love one will find them. Two ways this can be

(1) buy magnetic letters (bookstores sell) and place them on the refig., they
are bound to go there sooner or later.

(2) use a soap bar and write your romantic message on the bathroom mirror. It
won't do damage to mirror and is easy to get off with a little water.

10. Say it in a BIG way!

The other day I made a large envelope and a large note that said, "I love you in
the biggest way!" I even went out on the Internet to download pictures of stamps
and blew them up in size. Then I had the apartments where she lives call her to
the office to pick up an "important" letter...

11. Book of Love

This is something I did for my boyfriend, and he loved it! I thought of My ten
favorite things about him, then wrote a letter about each one and how much it
meant to me. I put all the letters (after I'd spent tons of time perfecting and
decorating them) together into a little book, and give it to him for our
anniversary. Big success!!

12. Letter a day...

If your loved one is going away for vacation or a short trip, take a pink
colored notepad and for each day that he's gone write a separate love letter, so
that he can read one everyday and be close to you. (I tried it-- and it worked
better than I thought!)

13. Love Letter Ideas

I like to send my boyfriend a letter (snail mail) every week. However, I want
every letter to be as new and exciting as for him as the first, so I try to be
creative. Some ideas:

- send a letter in a bottle (be extra careful with the packaging so it won't

-write a letter on the back of a 100 piece jigsaw puzzle, then take it apart and
let them put it together

-instead of sending a written letter, send a video cassette of yourself telling
everything you want your special person to know.

14. Love Letter Ideas

I've found that one way to easily make an ordinary letter or package more
special for som
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im more practical
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cool ideasss
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ahan awesome
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no guts in ths
i mean feelings cant b jus expressed in wrds

i hope u ppl understand

bt still intresting
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